How To Arrange A Garden And Get It Prepared To Plant

Once you decide that you want a garden, your very first choice is to decide on the right spot. In case you don’t have much room, then you are limited in your choices, even to only having a box garden. Picking out the best garden spot varies according to the amount of sunlight the area receives, with the best option being exposure from the south.

Avoid positioning your garden where it’s going to receive exposure from the north unless it is your only option because this will severely hamper a success of your garden. If your garden is placed where it will get sunshine all day with southern exposure, the vegetables need to be planted in north and south facing rows. Doing it this way enables the morning sun’s rays to get to the eastern side of the plants, and in the afternoon, the western side.

Having an arrangement such as this, you shouldn’t experience any lopsided plants. Also consider, if your garden is located facing the southeast, you should place the rows in a northwest and southwest direction so they will receive optimal sunlight. What you need is for the natural light to be distributed evenly for the longest time possible.

Looking at a window plant that has lopsided growth is an instance of what happens to a plant when the light is not evenly distributed. As soon as you decide where your garden will likely be located, you should come up with a diagram on a piece of paper where each of your plants will go. When you begin your garden, the garden soil will surely be topped by sod or trash.

If you are using a substantial area then you should rotate the sod under, after plowing the ground, but if it is a small area, simply remove the sod. You can take the turf and use it to start a garden compost pile which you can later use to fertilize your garden. You can include vegetable waste products to your compost stack during the summer and autumn leaves during the fall.

This particular compost can all be put to use as fertilizer for the next year. It’s essential to get rid of any large clumps from your garden location by adequately plowing the sod under. The soil should be composed of fine particles to ensure the seeds will grow properly.

You can start getting your garden prepared to go by using a spade, a hoe, and a rake. The spade can rotate the ground in the first place, but it will leave too many clumps. A hoe is going to further break up the clumps, stir up the top surface and separate the weeds.

Using the spade is full on, hard work, but using a hoe and a rake should never be that vigorous. After the hoe tasks are finished, you then use the rake to make the bed fine and smooth. As soon as you’ve gotten most of the preliminary work done, you probably should start planting seeds.

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