On Porcelain Veneers

While crowns are used to correct the back teeth, veneers on the other hand are the best solution to enhance the smile for the teeth on the front. As the years passed, I was inquired on how feldspathic veneers differ from that of the pressed porcelain veneers. The feldspathic veneers are developed first and then followed by the pressed porcelain veneers. These two veneers offer a good effect to the patients however they should learn the distinction between the two especially on the pros and cons of each.

A prominent cosmetic dentist in Hollywood helps in differentiating the positive and negative side of this procedure:

Time for its Change The clients having their feldspathic veneers are informed to have it replaced with a new one after it has been utilized for 7-10 years. There are patients who have their veneers placed for over 25 years already however this is not the standard. They can still be useful but these are no longer stunning compared to the pressed porcelain veneers. Normally, these pressed porcelain veneers can be used for even 10-20 years.

Used on Natural Teeth The elements of this feldspathic can actually scrape off the opposite teeth. This would mean that if ever the patient will have feldspathic teeth as crowns or veneers they will actually have wear the original teeth that chew next to them. This is the situation with pressed porcelain veneers which in fact has the same wear elements with the natural teeth.

Your Teeth’s Shade The color of your original teeth will have the same color just like the veneers. The substances of the feldspathic are not that dark and if your teeth have a thick grayish discoloration then these feldspathic cannot cover the stains appropriately. With the pressed porcelain veneers, you will not be able to experience this kind of problem since the substances used are denser.

Marginal Decompose and Integrity Good marginal integrity means less terrible effect of the margins. If you have a terrible margins, which is usual to the feldspathic elements then you have a higher risk of having tooth decay. The main reason for this is that the pressed porcelain suits greatly into the primary teeth.

Prior to the presence of these porcelain veneers, the dentist would not allow having the veneers placed over the decayed teeth because this will not improve the condition. Yet this problem will be addressed through this pressed veneer because if these veneers suits properly, this could not make the condition worse.

To develop your smile, both of these feldspathic and pressed porcelain veneers are utilized. There are some patients who can really have a feldspathic veneers considering on the status of his or her teeth. Some will opt for pressed porcelain. The best treatment for each patient really depends on the case he has and that of his personal needs.

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