Old School Muscle Building Workout Program (German Training Method) Day 3

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  1. applepicker7 says:

    Ah it sounds so easy, but when you look at the meal plan you realise “How the hell am I meant to afford all this and where am I going to get the time to prepare the meals in?” I HAVE A LIFE!

  2. speedyslime93 says:

    do each workout once a week so you do 3 workouts a week

  3. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Ya im tired too. Hey you guys started the shit talking so decided to have fun . Lighten up life, lifes to short, you guys need to quit being so serious. Im not a prick, so keep lifting and get big.

  4. mattguiseley says:

    right ya know what im just going to stop arguing because your abviousley a sad pathetic being who relishes the opportunity to be a prick… so i’ll leave you with this… get out get a life and get a decent body

  5. blindmellonchittlen says:

    You go to the gym to blow old men in the shower. Your not fooling anybody meathole. So get some help, Probably Richard Simmons would be a good trianer for you to get started. Remember obese isnt a six pack tubby.

  6. mattguiseley says:

    (carried on from previous comment)….. bravo dousche bag you just proved my thoughts correct. get a life you sad sad little child

  7. mattguiseley says:

    look ass hole, just becuase you cant be arsed going to the gym and actually getting a decent looking body doesnt mean that others are the same… i go to the gym three/four times a week so yeah actually i do have a sick pack…. btw shocking come back to a comment which wasnt even directed at you… now i know that you just have no life whatsoever for you look at video comments which arent even directed at you then just try and start an argument from nothing at all…

  8. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Six pack my ass, quit blowing smoke up peoples asses. Does your boyfriend know you converse with so many men on the computer.

  9. GANGSTDADON says:

    can u breathe in that t-shirt? lol

  10. mattguiseley says:

    hey… its good to hear that your taking a difinitive step to looking after your body… keep working at it.. i was very unfit about 5 months ago and now… 6 pack 😀 just have a healthy diet and train hard three times a week with the help of these videos as you said and it will all come to you eventually 🙂

  11. applepicker7 says:

    Heated argument. So I’m going to devalue it. I am a 14 year old chubby male who wants to get strong; so I watch these videos. I noticed a piece of information that had previously escaped my notice. ‘you need to grow a dick before you can piss.’ Shocking, I know, so I thought to myself ‘How do girls piss without a penis?’and then I realised…
    It was a load faeces.

  12. darkonessv1 says:


  13. josejo2588 says:

    hey vince, how many days i have to do this workout, 3 days in the month or?, grettings from mexico

  14. Kevbox2008 says:

    I like the bald guy better. He’s a better teacher and not as “showy” in his demonstrations.

  15. xo1tom1ox says:

    wow why you guys fighting hes tryin to help you out and you guys are going on a shit storm. Train hard and diet for 6 months youll gain lots of weight increase your weight or reps every week once you hit 8 reps every set easily then increase the weight. After you gained lots of weight you will probably be a lil chunky so thats when you burn the fat for 1 to 2 months and you will be in good shape. Hope that helps

  16. Skinnyandhappy says:

    yea i know what you are saying i was in the same situation felt

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  17. derbigpr500 says:

    Its obvious that you’re the faggot here, since you have been posting comment like every 5 minutes for last few days. So its clear that you’re the one whos jerkin off while watching something that you will never get, and something that you will never accomplish in your life.

    So you go back to masturbating now, thats probably the hardest thing that your weak skinny hands can do.

  18. blindmellonchittlen says:

    I know how to spell faggot, faggot. So go back to masterbating as you watch this guy lift.

  19. derbigpr500 says:

    Lol man you really are fcking stupid. You talk about proper english, and you can’t spell…..

  20. mattguiseley says:

    i see were being immature sooooo… listen ‘dork’ i go to the gym four times a week staying there for 2 hours on each occasion, im a member of 3 seperate gyms so that i am always able to keep fit so your point of going to the gym is pointless and shit. secondly at what point did i ever talk about being beaten up by girls?? :S and wow really good ending point there dipshit the term piss off has nothing to do with actually urinating.. seriousley i reffer to my previous statement… grow up

  21. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Listen dork, if you spent more time in the gym, and not writing essays on the computer, you might actually not have to worry about getting beat up by girls. So piss off yourself. Oh I forgot, you need to grow a dick before you can piss.

  22. mattguiseley says:

    ohhh my daysss your soo pathetic… looking at your replies to other peoples comments makes me wonder whether you enjoy arguing with other people, you need to get a life seriousley you’ve also used the same comeback to two different people…. bravo child bravo on your ability to think of decent comebacks to people. for the love of god get out and actually do the workouts in these videos and stop being a feeble being. your blatently a fat lonely child or a fat lonely middle aged dick so piss off

  23. leejipark says:

    Don’t need to fatty, i am strong and healthy and writing a few paragraphs is in fact very easy…but for you its obviously not.

    its only natural for some individuals to be more capable then others.

  24. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Just go work out pencilneck, your using too much energy writing. Your fingers are probably tired which could affect your grip strength.

  25. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Just go work out,dont strain your brain by writing too much.

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