No need to think twice about Amtico flooring

Amtico flooring may not immediately sound as romantic as hardwood or authentic natural stone, but it looks simply fantastic and wears even better. Here, we take a look at why Amtico tiles are better than the real thing.

Thanks to the fact that Amtico tiles are made from hard-wearing compressed resin, they are suitable for any room in the house, leaving you free to choose what you like the look of. You simply do not need to take practical issues into consideration and if you want a wooden floor in your kitchen, you can have one.

You also have the freedom to create a floor designed specifically with your interior design in mind. With Amtico floor tiles you can also choose from a selection of motifs, borders and laying patterns to ensure your floor becomes a design feature on an equal par with the other elements.

A major advantage of using Amtico is the fact that it is so resistant and durable. You would usually have to avoid wooden flooring in rooms such as the bathrooms or kitchens, as moisture can have a disastrous effect on the wood, causing staining and buckling. Porous stone absorbs liquid and can stain, which means it needs regular treatment, particularly if used in the kitchen. Amtico retains its colour and does not stain or warp; it simply requires bi-annual maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Stone floors can be cold unless you are lucky enough to have under floor heating, which can certainly make a room feel less inviting and comfortable. Amtico is warm to the touch, and is also softer. This is a distinct advantage if you have children or pets (particularly toddlers at the stage of constantly falling over), and can also mean fewer breakages in the kitchen… Amtico is also less slippery than flooring such as tiles or laminate.

Whereas the authentic floorings may look great, Amtico replicates that look perfectly whilst also offering safety, comfort, durability and the freedom to choose from extensive possibilities of combination and layout.

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