A First-Hand Experience On Snoring And Its Nasty Effects To Relationships

With my very demanding job, getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is already hard to come by. It’s even more difficult to get some shuteye when my pregnant wife snores. It’s not exactly as loud as sawing logs, but it’s not inaudible either. I always try to turn a deaf ear. Understandably, when you lack sleep you get cranky in the morning and I become easily worked up over small problems, unnecessarily putting a strain on our relationship.

My wife and unborn child’s welfare are always on top of my list. I was especially concerned when she had frequent bouts with headache and felt even more tired and listless throughout the day. I reckoned that before finding any snoring solutions, we should find out what’s causing it first.

Researching online, I found out that there are several causative factors and seeing that pregnancy was one of them, came as a bit of a shock. Reading further I learned that her snoring was linked to her putting on some pounds and her susceptibility to getting nasal congestion during pregnancy. When she I also read that a person’s mouth anatomy, alcohol consumption, and sleeping posture are also known causative factors. The good thing is that there are just as many snoring cures as there are causes. There is a particular snoring solution for each precipitating factor. For instance, snorers who are overweight will benefit greatly even by just dropping a few pounds.

My wife’s obstetrician was also a very good resource. She told my wife to sleep on her side to reduce the snoring and prevent diminishing the blood and oxygen flow to the unborn child. This is because lying on one’s back allows the tongue to fall backward into the throat further narrowing the airway.

Further research online brought us to some more snoring cures like mouthpieces and snoring pillows. Form-fitting mouthpieces advance the position of the tongue to keep the airway open while the contouring on the surface on a snoring pillow keeps your chin from being thrust towards your chest during sleep which will further narrow the airway.

My wife felt that the snoring pillow was less intrusive so we got that one. We also practiced sleeping on our sides, as directed. Thankfully, these methods worked and now both my wife and I get a good amount of sleep, and we are back to our usual cuddly selves.

Can’t sleep because your partner has a bad case of sawing logs? Snoring pillow are inexpensive and effective ways to lessen snoring. More snoring solution can be found here.

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