Nine Methods To Evaluate Orthopedic Shoes

Arthritis is the term used to describe the inflammation and swelling of the cartilage and lining of the joints. It is usually coupled with an increase in the fluid around the joints and it is most commonly diagnosed in the lower extremities of the body. This causes sufferers of Arthritis to find normal tasks like walking and moving extremely difficult and often painful. The feet are more susceptible to arthritis than other parts of the body because each foot has 33 joints than can be afflicted.

The problem has been particularly bad in women’s shoes, where the perpetual passion for high heels has added fuel to the fire. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as a pair of ladies high heel shoes that fit badly, and the damage both to the foot and the lower back from poor posture can cause serious medical complications in later life. This is why responsible suppliers of designer shoes have started to offer a much wider selection of width fittings, as they realize that owning a pair of designer shoes doesn’t have to mean putting up with a poor fit and continuing discomfort.

Wide fittings take into account the true size and shape of the foot, allowing the foot to sit comfortably in the shoe without pinching across the bridge or toes. But it’s not just wide fitting shoes that are important – if you have narrow feet, a loose fitting shoe can cause unpleasant blisters and tension in the feet where you have to bunch your toes to hold the shoe in place when walking. Generic sizes as sold in most standard high street shops do not take into account the wide variety in foot shapes and sizes, which has limited those who need wider fittings or a narrow width shoe to buying less than stylish designs.

Now, however, online retailers in particular are recognizing this as a marketplace that hasn’t been adequately serviced over the years and are starting to offer top quality designer shoes in a wide variety of fittings. The correct width is also particularly important when selecting a pair of boots, as it’s not just the foot you have to consider – it’s the width of the calf and length of the leg as well. Shoes are considered very essential for your outlook as they help you to complement your dress. You can find various types of shoes in the market that allow you to pick a pair to go well with your outfits.

Custom fit or prescription shoes are shoes for arthritis that are custom made specifically to fit your foot. To have these shoes made, a cast is made of your foot. Using the exact shape and measurements of your feet, shoes are created. Often, this is done with a prescription from your doctor. The pros of these shoes for arthritis are that, because they were made specifically for your feet, you will probably get the most support from them. Also, if your doctor writes a prescription for such shoes, the cost may be covered by your insurance. The cons are that the styles may be somewhat limited. Also, if your insurance will not cover the cost, they can be quite expensive.

Insisting on footwear to suit feet (not feet to fit the shoes), buyer demand for comfort now results in contemporary wide fitting footwear. It has likewise given way to footwear well suited for arthritis and footwear that aids distressing foot arches. The growing medical requirement for orthopaedic footwear also fulfills a specific niche market demand by buyers looking for footwear for bunions, heel pain, shin splints and alternative podiatric conditions.

Amelia is an orthopaedic consultant in Atlanta. Her articles on arthritis shoes are awesome and unparalleled.

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