Natural Treatment For MS Can Be Easy And Inexpensive

A natural treatment for MS is any that doesn’t fit the definition of traditional treatment. Traditional treatment, in this case, primarily means medications. These alternative treatments include such things as limiting protein intake and eating more fruits and vegetables as well as exercising more and meditating. Most are simple to implement and very cost effective.

Encephalomyelitis disseminate or disseminated sclerosis are two other names for Multiple Sclerosis. The autoimmune inflammatory disease effects the myelin sheaths of the brain and spine. The sheaths are damaged and myelin is lost. Scarring occurs. Women are effected more often than men. MS usually is diagnosed when a patient is in early adulthood.

Neurological symptoms are the ones most observed but psychiatric symptoms are also prevalent. Each person experiences a somewhat different course of disease progression. Attacks may be intermittent or more consistent. They can be relapsing or progressive. Symptoms can be completely absent between these attacks. After a while, permanent changes do occur.

The disease was first recognized in 1868 by a French neurologist named Jean Martin Charcot. It had been described prior to Charcot but it was he who identified the constellation of symptoms and gave the condition a name. From there, study began into what caused the condition well as how to deal with it. Truly effective medicines did not come to market until the 1990s

The cause of MS is still not understood and there is not yet a known cure. Medications currently used as treatment often have bad side effects. Many who suffer from the disease turn to alternative treatments to manage their symptoms and keep the disease at bay. There are several natural treatments for MS. Many of them have to do with dietary modifications. One is to lower the intake of protein to ten percent of one’s daily caloric intake. It is also recommended to eliminate animal protein in favor of plant based protein. Eating more fruits and vegetables and choosing organic foods is another habit people adopt to manage their disease.

Supplementation is another natural treatment method. Suggested are a daily antioxidant and multivitamin as well as a B-50 complex vitamin. Another supplement to include is a coenzyme. Other habits may also be employed such as light exercise and meditation. Many have also added flaxseeds and other superfoods to their diets.

Factors such as gender and age will have an impact on the prognosis given for a person with MS. MS does have a fairly significant impact on life expectancy. Those with the disease can expect to live 5 to 10 years less than those who do not. Most will retain the ability to walk ten years after onset but most will lose that ability prior to the end of their lives.

Every natural treatment for MS is one part of how an afflicted person deals with their condition. Multiple Sclerosis is highly individualized. Effective treatments will also be highly individualized.

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