My tale of how i learned to kiss a girl at a cosplay convention

I hope you will genuinely be encouraged by my story. If you are like me, perhaps you’ve been called a nerd by the cool kids and thought you never belonged. I have regularly been stereotyped as a loser and had very few close male friends. I always tried my best to hold onto my self image, although it was actually very tough, particularly considering I had not been able to have any girlfriends.

I remember 1 girl when I was 16 did like me and right after I got wind of this fact I started dating her. She was not the most attractive girl nor was she the brightest and deep down I knew I could do better. However, because of the shortfall of attention I was getting in the past I felt it was better to hold on to her just in case I never had a girlfriend again. To many this might sound amusing but to me at the time, it was normal. Around the age of 18 I really started to get into Cosplay due to the fact that my handful of friends were jabbering about the amount of fun it was.

Regrettably, my girlfriend did not care for it. Her remarks, such as ” quit being a baby and dressing up in costumes” genuinely hurt. Although I attempted to sway her otherwise, it was to no avail. This really strained the relationship and inevitably she broke up with me. This was one of the most depressing days of my life, but looking back on it right now it was most probably one of the greatest things thing that ever happened to me.

After months of depression I started to cheer up and started to revel in my cosplay conventions more and more. Recalling, I’m sure it was because I could have a mask on my face and be somebody else – being with the opposite sex was easier. I continued to have no confidence and the notion of talking with a cosplay deviant intimidated me to death.

One day I took a look at a online site that changed my life for the better – granting me a lot more confidence to meet girls, talk to them, get their phone numbers, and pushing on all the way to a romantic relationship. This system offered a refund guarantee and was actually affordable (a bit below $ 100).

I took the plunge and joined, trained, viewed videos, and got involved in talking with various other members. Then came the decisive moment – when I was going to the next cosplay convention.

I basically started applying the techniques I was shown and was exhilarated to actually be talking with girls and feeling so comfortable I got 3 contact numbers. This was a huge step for me as I have never been comfortable with making eye contact without glancing away embarrassed until now. As time marched forward I began trying these systems in my daily life as well.

Fast forward to right now and I am in a significant relationship with a girl I met face to face at one of the get togethers and I could not be better. If you’re similar to me you can certainly transform too by eradicating the fear of rejection, gaining confidence, believing in your own merits, and most significantly, meeting girls and taking the relationship from a level of friendship to one of a sexual nature. In addition their support is excellent. I genuinely want to assist others and share this system with you so check out the website listed here to learn more

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