It Is Necessary To Know How To Repair Rot And Decay On Wooden Window Frames

Damage to wood can sometimes be the ideal place for dry rot to get a foothold. If it does, serious damage to the window may be the result. The danger of this is especially very great in high humidity areas. Here is a way how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows

When timber destroying fungi spores are present in the right conditions they spread and resulting in decay. They penetrate the wood causing it to dry, all the while causing more and more damage. In time it becomes brittle.

If you discover the dry rot at an early stage is it easy and cost effective to prevent the destruction. Epoxy and borates can be used to stabilize wood in the affected area. There are steps you can take to prevent a problem that is not yet there.

You can be certain that dry rot will become a problem if it finds the perfect conditions. These are wood, a damp area, the right temperature and a supply of oxygen. You cannot change the weather, but you can deprive the attackers of one of these elements. If you can make sure that there is no moisture coming into contact with wooden window frames, window sills or shutters, you have closed the door to dry rot.

In order to be sure everything stays dry, it is necessary the check for cracks or other signs of damage or decay. A change in the color of the wood may be a giveaway. Look for a leak when you notice this. Another warning signal is rusty red dust in an area where there is wood.

To treat the problem you will need previously treated wood, a drill, a supply of epoxy resin and either fungicide or borate. It is also necessary to increase the amount of ventilation. Then you are ready to go. Now you tackle the real problem by applying borate or fungicide. This is a sure way of killing off any rot. This is only effective if there is no water to wash off the treatment.

If you notice some spots where the rot is starting to take hold, drill a hole and fill with epoxy resin. In case of big damage, this will not be effective. Replace the affected area with the treated wood.

There are several ways how to repair rot and decay on wooden windows. However, one sure and better way is to stop it before it starts.Dry rot is nasty. Stop it early.

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