Motivational Weight Loss Motivation Extreme Weight Loss Inspiration Weight Loss Before and After I started to lose weight on June 26, 2008 and have been at it ever since! I wanted to show some of my full body pictures from my start date until recently in my weight loss journey. Enjoy!

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  1. good job! you must feel AWESOME!

  2. WOW!!!

  3. disbesammy says:


  4. sweetypie474 says:

    wow! great job!! what did you do to lose the weight? did you follow a special diet?

  5. iluvjkl123 says:

    wow im so amazed u did a very good job im proud of u

  6. blackstillos44 says:

    YOU LOOK AMAZING! PS – you were beautiful before too but now your healthy and I bet you feel a thousand times better 🙂

  7. SlimmingSilhouette09 says:

    wowo. so inspiring

  8. msbaybee100 says:


  9. LittlePinky82 says:

    That’s awesome. 🙂 Good for you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing something so personal.

  10. coulteriowa says:

    You look so awesome! Keep up the good work. I know the hardest part is maintaining the weightloss. Trust me. You are a true inspiration!

  11. ThatInternationalGuy says:

    you’re beautiful, excellent work!

  12. blabooshka says:

    maaaaddd props girl!

  13. bigyin1984 says:

    Thank you for posting this video. It was quite amazing to watch the chronological change. I hope you and your family are very proud of what you’ve accomplished. You should be, you’ve obviously worked to get where you are today.

  14. You are just so amazing! I had one question regarding stretch marks, did they end up going away?

  15. Woah! Good job!!!!!!!

  16. deathnotedevil says:

    UNBELIEVABLE!! that is just AWSOME IM SPEECHLESS you look FANTASTIC!!WELL DONE u should have a reward a big one for all that hard work!!

  17. PsychoProfite says:

    FUCK……….you are an angel now…bravo

  18. mixwell1983 says:

    nice weight loss… !!

  19. How do you do it D; i need to lose like 50 pounds fast! help.

  20. punkerodriguez says:

    congratulations you look so nice now 😀 o love your eyes 😀 i loss weight but a little bit less than you

    bye EYES 😀

  21. TheDirtyCurt says:

    Im gunna be real honest here. Im 20 years old, 21 in December, and I weigh 280 lbs, I am a guy as well. Anyways, seeing your videos truly inspired me to take action. I weigh so much because I have been in 2 surgeries within the last 2 years that had me no weight bearing for 6 months each, so a total of 1 year where i could not do anything at all, and my weight sky rocketed. Thanks so much for your videos, I can’t wait to see my own results.

  22. digitsync2 says:

    You are looking good! Six stars for you!!!

    Seeing what you fat people has to go through to loose weight, I better stop stepping into the kitchen too often, those little bites add up!

  23. MrNoPainNoGain says:

    WoooooooooooW!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!! Very inspirational indeed!!!

  24. ashnjosh101607 says:

    OMG!!! This is by far the best video Ive ever seen!!! Thanks… it is truley inspiring!!

  25. Evilwerewolf07 says:

    wow!!! awsome!

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