Mosman Personal Training: Personal Training – How to Establish Yourself As a Fitness Coach and Make More Money

If you are in the business of personal trainer marketing then how you present yourself and your business is likely to determine the type of client that you attract. Those who don’t spend some time studying fitness marketing may find that they consistently get clients from the bottom end of the market.

One of the most effective ways of increasing revenue in the personal training business and overall personal wealth is to operate as an independent consultant or contractor. A personal trainer will achieve this by becoming self-employed. Here are 3 tips that will help a personal trainer increase his customer base.

The List. If you’re not actively building a list of loyal fans (prospects and active and inactive clients) then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. The list is king. And the best way to use a list to grow your personal training business is to offer a biweekly online newsletter. Consistent email marketing is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to position yourself and get people to know, like and trust you. And once people know like and trust you and consider you the local fitness expert your business will boom. Expert Endorsements: There are all types of businesses around you who probably cater to your potential clients. Chiropractors, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, day spas, health food stores and other businesses already have clients and prospects that trust them. What you want is for these experts to refer their clients, customers, and patients to you. You can do this by making them a win/win proposition by offering to endorse their business or service to your list and then ask them to endorse you to their list.

Free Media. People read newspapers and watch TV news for the stories and not the advertisements. One of the best ways to get the local media to publish your story and showcase you personal training business is by creating a strong human interest hook that they will want to share with their audience. Maybe you’re going to give two free Mosman personal training sessions to anyone who donates a new toy for the ‘toys for tots drive.’ Or maybe anyone who donates $25 during Thanksgiving week can get a free week of bootcamp. The point is you need a “hook” a human interest story and the media will be way more likely to listen.

The blog: There are over a dozen ways to get tons of traffic from the internet. One of the easiest ways is to set up a word press blog and start blogging on a daily basis about all things health and fitness. The secret to a good blog, one that attracts a lot of visitors is entertainment, content, and consistency. Boring blogs get no traffic. Use lots of social proof in your blogs, offer lead generation ebooks and reports to get people on your email/newsletter list. Personal trainer marketing system is easy once you figure out the handful of marketing strategies that produce the best results. The trick is to figure them out and use them consistently.

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