Meditation in a Group Environment

There’s ever increasing number of people who are awakening to the undeniable fact that it is necessary for them to perform some kind of meditation on a day-to-day basis. With such a large amount of different types of mediation everybody wishes to find the right one for them.

Some of the old eastern meditations can be terribly stern and will require lots of self-control to realize. These meditations were very appropriate many years back but today they are not as well fitted to the majority of people. There are other methods to go into the state of meditation considerably quicker and with a lot less effort. The ongoing irony of lots of the more conventional forms of meditation is actually that you’ve got to spend a little time thinking about not thinking and attempting to not try.

There are a ton of new meditation techniques that may really successfully bring you into that state of meditation which are much better suited to these modern a chaotic times in which we live. Often they will take the from of guided meditations. This is when there is a person dictating the meditation as you go along, be it in a group or from a recording. The meditation s frequently set to a suitable background meditation music. The benefit of these guided meditations is that you don’t have to be concerned about entering into the meditative state nor about clearing you mind, you just sit and listen following the gentle directions given to you, This is kind of like a fantasy journey but with many of them you can actually successfully enter into a state of deep meditation without even realising it.

There’s one underlying common factor to the more traditional types of meditation and the modern ones. They all in the end will point you to go within yourself to a place that you can separate yourself from your mind and your thoughts. A place that you can be and be separate from your mind. After you have seen this and can distinguish between your yourself and your thoughts then you’re well on the way to having the ability to simply enter into meditation using most techniques.

Group meditation is starting to become more and more well-liked in many different circles today. There are tiny groups who meet for a range of reasons from healing circles to yoga classes and even simple support groups. All of them like to start or end their sessions with some type of a group meditation.

This group meditation can be silent or with calming music in the background. There will most likely be a person guiding the meditation and giving directions or aids to making your inner journey.

When meditating in a group environment the sensation of being in that meditative state can be extremely contagious with all members of the group fast becoming inspired and feeling the energy levels of the group rising. This inspiring of one an other helps everybody in the group to quickly enter into a state of meditation swiftly and without effort which can on occasions be really profound.

Group meditation is often quite a lot shorter than your own private meditation. The effects however are just as strong but as you enter into the meditation more quickly then you don’t really need as much time.

When a group meditation is directed the energy created can also be used to perform certain selfless healing tasks. For example the group could send positive energy to the healing of the planet or to a situation in a certain country or disaster zone. Little moments like these might not seem like a lot but they can help immensely in raising the planetary vibration of the Earth we live in.

If you’ve got a group that meets frequently maybe you could gain from trying a group meditation. There are masses of guided meditations available to use online if you’re short of material.

There some free guided meditations and a complete Chakra balancing and healing music meditation using colours available at Andy Bramhill’s meditation music web site.

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