Significant Things To Note About The Side Effects Of CPAP Machines

CPAP side effects are different from person to person. One of the most common CPAP side effect is discomfort caused by the mask itself. Individuals have reported “red marks” with their face or soreness on the bridge from their nose. It is generally due to the headgear straps being too tight. To make up for this particular side effect, many different masks are increasingly being developed. Additionally there are mask pads available or masks that only attach at the nostrils.

Another CPAP side effect is nasal congestion and dryness on the nasal passages. The reason nasal passages dry up are generally from the lack of humidification. The continual air generated by the device is definitely an irritant that causes the nasal passages to become dry and possibly bleed.

The body’s approach of protecting the nasal passages is to produce more mucus and congestion is usually a result. By adding a heated humidifier you are able to reduce and sometimes take away the irritation.

Sores in the nose are one other issue. These are typically caused by poorly fitting nasal prongs or nasal pillows. Whether you are using the nasal prongs or nasal pillows, the reason for the discomfort may be as basic as your entire nose being too sensitive and needing time for it to get accustomed to the item.

A solution would be to try switching back and forth from the nasal prongs or nasal pillows to the mask for some time till the discomfort subsides.

Facial break outs are another CPAP side effect. These are generally caused by among the three things: facial oils are developing underneath the mask; the mask is just too tight; or the material in the mask is bringing about a hypersensitive reaction.

Most masks are made of silicone, which can be an inert substance, however the chemicals that the mask is manufactured are what some people are allergic to. Soaking or cleansing the mask can decrease or eliminate the problem, nevertheless it can also reduce the lifetime of the mask itself.

Some individuals report getting up feeling bloated. That’s an indication that air has been swallowed. The medical term for this is Aerophagia, which literally indicates to take air. This will cause gas in the stomach and belching. There is absolutely no real medical therapy of this side effect.

If signs of this occur, it will be advised to eliminate all pillows out of the bed and try out sleeping completely flat. When this does not work try changing your position for which you sleep. If nothing works please talk to your doctor.

Its not all CPAP side effects are negative. A complete positive CPAP side effect that has been reported is definitely an initial burst of energy, also known as a “CPAP high”. Because of finally being able to get perfectly into a deep and restful sleep people find this affects the rest of their day in positive ways. They tend to stay in a nicer mood and also have a greater capacity to focus as well as concentrate. In addition they see improvement from their work performance and in their specific day by day relationships with friends, family, and special loved ones.

Irrespective of the CPAP side effects that an individual may face, there are plenty of solutions out there to help relieve any discomfort as well as questions. Some great benefits of using CPAP as being a way of treating sleep apnea far outweigh some of the side effects that may possibly occur.

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