Massage-Like For Carpal Tunnel Sufferers

The median nerve is located in the wrist and is responsible for the feeling of the thumb and the first three fingers. It is located within the carpal tunnel and when it becomes compressed by conditions like excess weight, fluid retention, an injury, or arthritis, the result can be reduced mobility and intense pain. This condition is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. People that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are sometimes compelled to use pain medications regularly or opt for surgery. For those that want to avoid surgery and its possible complications, relief can be found with massage and exercise.

If the flexor trigger points and extensors in the forearm are treated with long, pressurize strokes continually for several weeks, the condition can be effectively treated and possibly reversed without the use of any invasive surgical procedures. While surgery is normally only suggested as a last resort, the pain that is endured while using a wrist brace could last for months or years as people try to find relief without surgery.

It can also be rather costly to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. People that suffer from it often is a great deal of work as they try to cope with its disabling effects and increasing pain. The pain in combination with the altering of their daily routines can often cause people to become anxious or depressed. Many people wonder whether they will regain the use of their hands and be able to live without pain.

Many individuals have been thrilled to find that carpal tunnel massage is a very effective way to rejuvenate the median nerve and relieve the compression. The massage techniques should also be applied to the back, neck, and shoulders, since the source of the problem could have originated in one of theses areas. Over a period of time, people that use proper daily massage techniques; report a significant improvement in their condition. If the massage is continued for a period of several months it is possible to completely reverse the condition and return to full functionality.

By combining the use of range of motion exercises, such as extending, stretching and holding the hands in a position where the palms face out as the fingertips point upwards, before straightening the wrists and allowing the fingers to relax again, the median nerve can benefit. Also, making and releasing a tight fist several times while slowly rotating the hands at the wrist joints can also help.

Overall, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with massage techniques and exercises that can restore proper nerve functioning. However, the best action one can take against carpal tunnel syndrome is to prevent its onset by proper posture, frequent rest of the hands, daily exercise and regular massages for people who work in environments that require repetitive hand movements or back strains that can lead to arm and wrist injuries.

Carpal tunnel syndrome does not have to result in surgery and those that are afflicted with it should begin a massage and exercise regimen immediately and should definitely do so before opting for surgery.

More and more doctors and specialists recognize the necessity of basic stretchning and exercises when treating carpal tunnel patients. Surgery is often ineffective and difficult to recover from.. Let Tom Nicholson, a man who has been teaching those who suffer from CTS for years, show you how to ease your own suffering. Click here to learn some basic carpal tunnel exercises to begin finding relief.

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