Making The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Through the ages, making a cup of wonderfully blended coffee remained a simple, hassle free process. In the early ages, they made the perfect cup by infusing ground coffee beans with hot water. Eventually, people learned to brew ground coffee beans by cooking it on boiling water.

The first modern way of brewing coffee was drip brewing. The process of drip brewing is spraying hot water on top of the beans, letting the water drip down the beans, out of the chamber on onto a pot.

After drip brewing, Napier came about with vacuum brewing. The mechanism has two chambers. The lower chamber contains the water, the second then has the coffee. Once heated, the water expands and moves up on the upper chamber. The brewing then begins and once done, heat is removed letting the coffee drip back into the original chamber.

By 1865, James Nason came about with the percolator. The brewing is cyclic in nature and starts by bringing the water into a boil. The heated water goes up a tube and into the ground coffee chamber. As the brewing commences, the brewed water drips back down, heated, and then back up to the coffee chamber.

For our modern times, there came about the electric drip coffee maker. Its basically the household coffee maker. Following the same concept as its counterpart centuries ago, the device boils water, sprays it onto the coffee bean chamber, filters the water and lets it drip onto a container.

But others want espresso shots. And we need espresso machines to make them. Pressure is used to make the coffee. The concentrated coffee solution is what baristas use to make gourmet coffee. Most of these espresso machines have the ability to heat and froth up milk or creamer.

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