Life After Death

Each second there’s life given and taken. We all know that life is very precious to everyone. Imagine how many folks are fighting to live. And yet you want to end your life now through some life after death mission? That’s really a bad thought, trust me. You’ll find far more things that can be accomplished when alive. You just need to have motivation, dedication and action. If you have these three, surely you’ll have far more than what you expected or rather you’ll get over to such situations like loss of a loved one, broken hearted, stressful conditions, etc. But be reminded that regardless of how, without God in your heart, you’ll never ever going to move on peacefully from a specific scenario such as thinking about life after death. I know how you feel right now, God will always provide as He is always our provider and redeemer. “Oh man he’s turning this 1 to a religious story” but believe me, just read till the very end. And you’ll see changes in your life. And that I can guarantee.

Why Will You Think Of Life After Death If you Can Get Eternal Life With God?

There are times in our life that we can’t seem to find any reason to carry on to live. And maybe these days you are going to discover the answer to your question. Feeling all of the pain and hatred running through your veins makes you want to crush everything within your way, makes you want to kill somebody, and worst, makes you want to commit suicide and leave every little thing and every person in your present life and think about life after death. You are planning to end your life now and you’re surfing the net for something that will make you happy as you are thinking about life after death? You’re on the wrong way my buddy.

Life is so wonderful. Don’t ever consider life after death and what it appears to be. Think about your family, friends, brothers and sister, people who are at your back wanting to help and support you as much as possible. Do your best and I’m pretty sure God will do the rest. Dedicate it to God and you’ll see that the impossible is made possible. Impossible isn’t a word but an action not tried.

The Best Way To Eliminate Thoughts Like That Of Life After Death

Feel all the discomfort that you can endure when thinking about the hardships you are encountering rather than just thinking about life after death. Cry it out as hard as it is possible to. Tell me your difficulties. It is possible to tell a friend of yours about that. Do not worry about how the people react; after all they’re not in your shoes. Bear in mind how God lighted up our life; how He gave us hope to carry on. Never regret people who can’t love you. Someday, somehow, they are going to realize living without you will be the sort of life they hate to have.

Thoughts like suicide and stuff like that and especially thinking about life after death shouldn’t be taken up and/or kept in your mind. For life isn’t developed to end up like that but instead, it should end up naturally with God as your savior and companion.

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