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Some people will do what ever it takes to get the body of their dreams. Many even resort to plastic surgery. Sometimes this is the ONLY solution. But for most of us it just means eating right and working out HARD. When I say hard, I mean diligently. You must adopt the right fitness regimen and stick to it. Don’t expect to see amazing results in a few days or one week. That’s glib wishful thinking. Try a month or two. Stick to your routine and diet, and you’re sure to get there. Now, I never said you had to do all the work on your own. There are new-age supplements to assist you in your goals. Just to be clear, I DO NOT mean anabolic steroids. That’s an illegal drug and it should be avoided for the sake of your health. I was thinking more along the lines of whey protein and l glutamine supplements. If you’ve never heard of these modern-day body-builders, then I suggest you read on.

I began training with weights about a year ago. My goal was to gain lean muscle mass and put on some over-all bodyweight. I weighed 165 at the time. This is not much for a man who’s 6’1″. I had to get up to 180. That’s 15 pounds of lean muscle to gain. NOT 15 pounds period. No one wants to gain a bunch of body fat! This doesn’t look good. So I purchased a decent weight bench, some dumbbells, and 300 pounds in plates. After lifting for a couple weeks, I decided to investigate bodybuilding supplements. Immediately I noticed that there are plenty to choose from. It took a great deal of reading/researching, but I finally decided on whey protein and l glutamine. Whey protein powder is easy, because you simply blend it with water, milk or juice. It’ll hit you with a quick 30 grams of protein. This is imperative for those of us trying to gain muscle mass. Your body needs protein for repair after lifting heavy weights. Then there’s the l glutamine supplement. This product ensures that your body will burn fat before muscle. Each time your body runs out of food to burn, it turns on itself. Suddenly it’s consuming your very own fat and muscle tissue. With l glutamine you can be sure it’s consuming all of the fat first. This is beneficial if you’re struggling to gain and retain muscle mass.

Try l glutamine with your program if you’re having trouble retaining muscle mass. It may be the added boost you’re looking for. Just don’t mix it with creatine monohydrate. These products both affect muscle tissue and cannot be taken at the same time.

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