Restless Leg Syndrome

Just when you think you’ve heard the weirdest most bizarre afflictions known to mankind, medical experts come up with some new deficiency, illness, disorder or mental problem. I am beginning to wonder if half these dilemmas are legit or simply psychological. One of the latest ones I heard about is called restless leg syndrome. Now what in the world is that? Well, supposedly it afflicts the legs by causing tingling, itching, burning, or the desire to move and shift about for no reason. I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered these issues. Sure, I’ve had bad leg cramps on occasion, but this “syndrome” clearly runs deeper.

You know, now that I think about it, maybe my wife has restless leg syndrome. She does after all kick me randomly throughout the night. Could this be her legs wanting to move while she’s sleeping? Ah ha! I may be onto something here. Maybe I’ll toss the restless leg syndrome spiel her way tonight before she nods off. I’ll be sure to inform her that she can get help for this irksome late-night twitching. How about yourself? Have you ever felt any of the symptoms? Maybe you were relaxing with the family in the living area, and suddenly your legs began tingling or jolting, anxious to get up and move about. Studies have shown that this happens to numerous Americans. Personally I believe it’s due to a combination of high caffeine intake and too much stress. Can’t these two factors also affect our bodies in this fashion? I recall back when I bartended and experienced serious late-night cramping in my legs. The feeling was atrocious and almost unbearable. I would basically crawl in bed after 12-15 hour shifts and before too long my legs would cramp-up like something awful. I typically had to get out of bed and pace about in order to fix them. I’m still fairly certain that this was due to standing for most of the day. 12-15 hour shifts should be no one’s burden. However, I do not think I had restless leg syndrome.

Ask your family physician. This is commonly your best bet for finding out more concerning medical issues. It’s nice to speak with someone one-on-one, as opposed to reading a routine article on restless leg syndrome, or some other health issue. Get the scoop in-person.

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