Keep Your Business or Franchise Healthy: The Importance of PC Cleaning

If you own or manage a business or franchise, then you may or may not be investing in technology cleaning. Most likely though, you aren’t. Computer cleaning services are one of the most undervalued services utilized by businesses.

As far as cleaning goes, technology is one of the most ignored items in the office. While the floors have been vacuumed and the counters wiped down, the computers, phones and fax machines are left untouched. However, regular cleaning of these items can save you money in the long-run, both through increased productivity and lowered investment in the maintenance and replacement of your technology.


Due to the nature in which technology is used in your office, it has a tendency to play host to germs. Every time someone coughs into a phone receiver, or eats over a keyboard germs, or holds onto a computer mouse, bacteria is transferred. These germs can live on hard surfaces for up to three days, allowing for plenty of opportunity to spread via contact.

Sickness can easily be spread around the office through these items, and it pays to keep them clean and hygienic. Think about how much productivity is lost through sick days, and you’ll recognize the value of technology cleaning immediately. Removing the dust from your computers also helps staff who suffer from allergies.


Along with staff health, the health of your technology can benefit from regular cleaning too. Just like people, your computers don’t function at their maximum potential when they aren’t in tip top shape. Of course, bacteria is less of a worry here: the culprits that affect your technology are dust, dirt and crumbs.

If you’ve ever had an older computer break due to overheating, then you’ve seen what can happen when you let your technology gather dust. What happens in this case is that dirt and grime jams up the fan, and the computer overheats and breaks. You can also see jams in your keyboards and mice that require professional attention and, often, replacement. All of these could be avoided simply by cleaning your computers regularly.

Not only will your technology operate better for longer, it is also likely to be treated more gently by staff. Typically, people take better care of items that are new than items that are old and appear run-down. Just improving the appearance of your computers may help them last longer.

Computer Cleaning Services

Before attempting to clean the technology around your office, you should carefully read any owners manuals you have. It’s important to take care here, since these items are easily broken. And set aside a good deal of time to correctly clean your computers and phones–rushing the process could lead to costly mistakes.

A convenient alternative to cleaning your technology yourself is to hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of it for you. This will ensure regular and careful cleaning of your technology, allowing you to rest easy and focus your attention on other things. has more tips on how to maintain health and safety in the workplace, as well as how to write a business plan and manage cashflow in a way that takes PC cleaning costs into account. This website is operated by the New Zealand government and provides support as small businesses succeed and grow.

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