Exactly Why E-Learning Is Revolutionizing Corporate Education

Learning on-line has developed into a major trend in the realm of corporate education of the workforce. For most companies, the advantages of e-learning in saving time and therefore money is revolutionizing the whole field of employer based education and learning.

Recent Stats

Just look at the latest figures published by CertifyMe.net on the state of e-learning in corporate education and learning:

– 77% of American Enterprises use e-learning as a instruction strategy

– Enterprises save 50% to 70% when changing to an e-learning program from instructor based training

– E-learning is generally 25% to 60% shorter in length than conventional methods of training

– 72% of companies questioned believe that e-learning is providing them with the competitive advantage by continuing to keep them on top of changes in their particular industry

This shows that companies save time and money when switching at least some of their company’s training to e-learning.

Effects on Workload

Employees state that when going to class room training on site or off-site, there is a backlog of work that develops. Employees recognize that time is money and business suffers when work is put on hold for employees to attend training programs and conferences. Productivity continues to be the same or even improves whenever e-learning is in place because employees will save time by accessing e-learning during down-time in the office or at home. Challenges of productivity and workload are to a large extent eliminated when e-learning is in place and this is an additional cost saving feature of e-learning.

Learning Retention

With e-learning, employees far better comprehend and grasp the material because if they’ve got a problem learning a concept they are able to always revisit and review. With learning in a class room there isn’t often the time to go back and review. This fits with the CertifyMe.net statistics that illustrate that employees not only learn but increase material retention by 25% to 60% with e-learning. Because employees are not restricted by time, they are able to go through the whole course load without that pressure. They can also effortlessly by pass subjects that they already know saving more time by reducing repetitive study.

Job Satisfaction

Companies that invest more into training and development of their personnel, show a substantially improved job satisfaction. 23% of employees leave companies because they do not think they’re getting the training and development they need to better carry out their jobs. Hence, it is vital for businesses to provide this training however they need to do it in the most economical way possible and at this time, that is with e-learning. A good example of where an employee might become annoyed is in the training of new software and with the computer based business model, this training becomes critical. Companies have to keep employees up-to-date, since they definitely cannot hire new employees each time there is a change in the computer side of the business. The ideal way to satisfy this software training is e-learning.

How You Can Incorporate e-Learning

There are various methods for businesses to incorporate e-learning into their business model. One example is for a company to team up with a company that delivers e-learning and associated services. This company and the e-learning company can develop a core curriculum of programs that the company feels their employees need to learn. The course load can incorporate any computer training for applications, basic accounting, business fundamentals, lessons on providing better customer service, as well as other training that could be market specific. This is set up for employees to access courses they believe they need in addition to courses their department heads want everyone to take. Each employee has six-months to a year to do this training and it is all documented on their own annual review. There are many Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies that have incorporated the use of e-learning and it is saving them time and money in enough areas to completely pay for it.

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