Increasing Bench Press Weight is Within Your Grasp

Weight training is not a phenomenon unique to the 20th Century, or the 21st. Since the days of Sophocles and Aristotle, weight lifters have been using progressively heavier weights to become the athletes they want to be. Legend tells of the days when early Olympic athletes would start their training by lifting a baby calf. The athlete would then continue to lift the calf daily until it had grown into a full-grown bull. At that point, the athlete was considered ready to compete in the Olympic games of the day. These days, weight lifting has progressed a bit and science and a greater knowledge of human physiology comes into play.

Weight training is essentially little more than making gravity work for you; by pushing or pulling weights in directions opposing gravity, muscle mass is increased and fat is burned. Using barbells, dumbbells and so on, and in increasing weights and number of repetitions-or “reps” as they are called. A huge industry has sprung up around this weight training phenomenon and today involves magazines, dietary supplements, weight training gear and books and articles such as Critical Bench Review and Adonis Effect Review. All these things work together to promote the athlete’s efforts.

Other publications, such as Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Review aim to not only build lean muscle, but simultaneously decrease excess body fat. Again, whole industries have sprung up around this concept and provide dieters and weight lifters with a virtually limitless supply of support and information regarding the topic.

Most weight lifters focus on the goal of building stronger, larger muscles of course. But they also try to develop increased weight lifting ability; the goal can be to lift the absolute maximum weight possible for each particular athlete at each stage of development. Articles such as Critical Bench Review help athletes develop the skills and techniques needed to reach these goals, regardless of what they may actually be.

This book in particular focuses on doing the exact right number of exercises and reps in such a way as to build up your bench press strengths until you have increased your ability by as much as 50 pounds or more. Those serious about the power lifting game typically seek out any new information available to gain an edge in competitive events, or simply to push themselves to be the very best they can be within their own field of interest.

A strong dedication to the sport is critical, of course, considering the solitary nature of weight lifting. You must stay focused and goal-oriented if you plan to make much headway here.

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