How To Reduce Your Biological Age

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but only if we could somehow reverse or at the very least, slow down the process.

And preventing aging isn’t just about looks, it’s also about quality of life. I mean what point is there to living if you are weak and unable to enjoy doing what you love?

So without further ado, here is how to slow down the effects of aging:

1. Stay active: Now this may seem like common sense, but most people think they have to bust their butts off in a gym to reap the benefits. While exercising hard definitely has its perks, you don’t have to go all out to increase your health. A simple daily walk with minimal exertion can really boost health and mood.

2. Manage stress: Stress is an essential part of life and growth, so don’t try to completely eliminate it. Instead, find your specific ways for reducing it. The best way to do this is by relentlessly experimenting with different techniques.

3. Take low dose supplements: The key here is to avoid bombarding your system with extremely high doses of vitamins and minerals. Instead, look for formulations that have no more than 100% of daily recommended values as established by the FDA. Doing this will prevent you from reaching any type of toxic level.

4. Have lots of fiber: But don’t depend on only one source. Instead, try to get fiber from lots of different sources. You see, getting both soluble and insoluble fiber will give you the best health benefits. Simply make sure you have a wide variety of high fiber foods in your diet.

And keep in mind that slowing down aging is not a quick process. Instead, the strategy is to incorporate different lifestyle habits that will slow down aging over the long run. Realistic expectations will save you a lot of headaches and heartaches.

One more thing: take action on this information as soon as possible. You see, waiting too long to take action leads to the forgetting of new information. So please don’t wait to get the ball rolling here!

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness physiologist and former arm fat sufferer, teaches how to firm up your arms. Figure out how to get sexy arms by visiting her blog with advice on how to get rid of saggy arm flab right now!

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