If the 2012 Apocolypse occurs, are you prepared to survive it?

If a few individuals are correct about exclaiming that the world will end in 2012, then, there'll be no source of power, no phones, no cellular phones, and shortly there'll be not adequate food for everybody. Folks will go hungry and parched. People will fight for their own survival so there will be wars. All because they did not prepare survival kits when they had time. That is why having a 2012 survival kit is crucial.

The Contents of 2012 Survival Kit

Hence having a 2012 survival kit is important. But what should be the contents of people's survival kits? Here’s a catalogue of some of the most significant things that a 2012 survival kit should have:

Drinking Water

Water is the most significant thing in each person’s survival kit. Everybody wishes water so as to survive. One can survive without eating any food for one week but not without water. And since many individuals say that the water will be scant in 2012, be totally certain to include much of it in 2012 survival kits.

There are people who say the fresh water that'll be included in survival kits for 2012 should be sufficient for a year. Some claim that a person ought to have a one gallon of water daily. Nevertheless if it isn't possible , just be sure to have enough amount of drinking water which can last for a considerable time.


Although folk can live without food for seven days, food should be included in a person’s 2012 survival kit. The foods to be included in a 2012 survival kit shouldn't expire in the future. Dried foods can be employed since they don't spoil or expire easily. Moreover, these foods aren't heavy so they can simply be brought. But since these foods are dried, rehydration can be a problem.

Emergency food bars also should be in 2012 survival kit. These food bars should contain at least 2,600 calories and don't contain tropical or coconut oils to prevent any allergic response to a person. Sweets such as candies and chocolates may also be included to add energy in the body. Just do not forget to use foods which do not need refrigeration and cooking.

Emergency First Aid Kit

The medical kit should contain cotton, compress, povidone iodine, tape, alcohol, medicines for common sickness, scissors, ballpen, paper, flashlight, and a whistle. The whistle can be employed to get the awareness of folks. The cotton, povidone iodine, and guaze can be used in cuts and injuries. The alcohol can be used to purify hands and the scissors. Be sure that the kit to be used is aseptically clean to stop contamination. Also, change the medicines now and then to prevent consumption of expired medicines.

Don't be the final person to prepare survival kits for 2012. It won't consume lots of time. If it does, then it'll be worth it in the future. There’s nothing wrong with being geared up. Being provided trumps being unprepared. When an emergency comes, people won't know what to do and what to eat. Don't be like them. Be prepared and have a 2012 survival kit.

Will the world end in December 2012? Noone knows but at best survival kit, we give guidance on the right way to be ready for any disaster or emergency. Is a 2012 survival kit any different? Come to our internet site and find out!

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