Hypertension 101 – What’s With Kidneys And High Blood Pressure

Headache is usually considered as one of the symptoms of high blood pressure. However, it is also known that hypertension is a silent killer and symptoms are just rare and atypical and only comes when the condition gets worst. Many people with high blood pressure always think that their blood pressure levels are up whenever they get any headaches. The problem is, that both high blood pressure and headache is not really uncommon, which means that these 2 conditions could occur together. What is really the connection between these two?

Several research have been conducted to know the relationship with the two. These research have stated that there is in fact no connection between high blood pressure levels with the persona as well as the occurrences of his/her headaches. Additionally, there isn’t any exact tendencies for the blood pressure levels to go up and down even just prior to the headache had started. Even medications used to lower high blood pressure has no precise effect on headaches too.

Wellness Care Professional’s Analysis

Many people, whatever their blood pressure levels are, can get headaches. The relationship between headache and high blood pressure is always uncertain. Nonetheless, it is also accurate that a few people with high blood pressure can get headaches as a consequence, but these conditions are rare. Actually, 1 study have showed that headaches occur to those individuals diagnosed of high blood pressure because their anxiety in awareness of their condition. This study also showed that people when the blood pressures of these men and women have gone up, headaches do not happen, whether the high blood pressure is treated or not.

There are also evidences from several clinical research that folks with high blood pressure are more prone in having headaches connected with migraine. These reports have also shown that medicines used to lower high blood pressure like beta blockers and calcium channel blockers are efficient in treating migraine headaches. This is not a result of lowered blood pressure but the effects of drugs.


If an individual is obtaining headaches, it will not mean that his/her blood pressure levels are out of manage.

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