Come across out How you can Have a Boy Using a Baby Gender Selection Guide

Many couples prefer to have a baby boy as their eldest. However, only a few is given this gift since the gender selection is very unpredictable. With the advancement of technology and studies, Alice Pennington was able to write a book that can help couples learn how to have a boy naturally.

The book is written by Alicia Pennington. She provided step by step suggestions that can significantly increase the chances of giving birth to a male baby. In fact, she has even used it herself along with many other women who believed in her method. Today, a lot of couples have tried and tested the positive effects of the all natural, safe and affordable methods found in the guide.

With the use of this guide, couples who want to have a baby boy do not need to spend more just to try the methods in it. Just by doing the right steps in the book, families can get to have a life they want. Lets take a close look on how couples get to start their own family happily by having a baby boy.

Before using the steps in the guide, its important that the couples have a good understanding of the theory behind the processes involved. During conception, there will be two kinds of sperms aiming to reach the females ovum or egg first: the Y chromosome or male sperm and X chromosome or female sperm. Among the two, the male sperm swims fast but dies faster than female sperms which are slow swimmers but lives longer.

One of the important things to remember suggested in the handbook is to ensure that the future mom gets the right diet. The females food intake should be rich in sodium and potassium. This helps maintain the right pH level in their vagina when conceiving a male child. The vagina should have a lower PH level or alkaline environment so that Y sperms will not die easily.

Sodium and Potassium creates a less acidic environment in the vagina. When sperms are released, the Y sperms are killed easier in the acidic environment compared to their female counterpart. In order to make sure that the Y sperms get to the ovum or egg for fertilization first, the pH level of the vagina should be lower.

Another suggestion discussed in the guide is that couples need to assume the right position during sex. The penis should be penetrating deeply so that it will be closer to the cervix. The doggie position is highly recommended for couples since it promotes deeper thrusts and penetration. When the sperms are ejaculated near the cervix, the male sperms can easily reach the egg first since it swims faster than the females.

The last step is to have sex near or during the ovulation period. Always remember that male sperms only last for 2 days and if the egg arrives later from that period, it will not be able to fertilize the egg. Instead, the female sperm will be fertilizing the ovum and a female baby will be conceived.

Careful planning is essential in determining the gender of the boy. The techniques discussed in the book are proven and have a very high rate of success. If the methods are followed correctly, couples will have great chances of having a healthy and strong baby boy.

When you need to know how to conceive a boy, there are some suggested techniques that have been reputed to have a good rate of success. Learning about conceiving a boy requires different tips.

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