Hypertension 101 – Natural High Blood Pressure Remedy Tips

Honey and Lime

Two tablespoonfuls of honey and a teaspoonful of lime combined inside a glass of water is absolutely an excellent remedy for high blood pressure. You can drink it twice daily, 1 within the morning and one at evening.

Oranges along with other citrus fruits

Eating some oranges along with other forms of fruits that are rich in vitamin C is incredibly exceptional for the therapy of high blood pressure. It’s going to ultimately go down for two to 3 days of day-to-day use. Nonetheless, if your high blood pressure levels are also significant, oranges are nonetheless a want to especially on an empty stomach. That’s an assured remedy for high blood pressure.

Watermelon Fruit and Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is really a fruit which is incredibly beneficial for people today with cases of high blood pressure. Watermelon juice is like an elixir to people today with really high ranges of blood pressure. Three to four days of every day usage of watermelon juice will eventually make your blood strain ranges go again to regular assortment. You may consider this remedy to get a whole month.


Shilajit mineral and also the Rauwolfia plant extract are very helpful for men and women with high blood pressure. Taking these herbs in equivalent quantities 3 occasions each and every day with milk will bring your high blood pressure levels back once more to regular.

The Papaya Fruit

This wonder fruit might be fairly advantageous normalizing high blood pressure levels. Taking two to three slices of papaya fruit each and every morning and within the night will flush out harmful toxins out from your physique and can also clear out your bowels. This “wonder fruit” has a whole lot of rewards for the wellness, and normalizing blood strain amounts is only 1 of them.

Alternative Medicine

Other herbs and natural remedies employed to treat high blood pressure are triphala choorna (which is actually a standard Ayurvedic medicine produced from powders of the three important fruits: amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki).

Ionized Water

Ionized water for drinking may also be quite good for lowering high blood pressure levels. 8-10 eyeglasses of ionized water each day is very great for that health of an individual.

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