How To Make Muscle Building Very Simple

If you ask any man in the gym about their long term goal it is highly likely one of those goals will be learning how to build muscle and achieve a more impressive body. Whether it’s for our job, our hobby or even for the opposite sex, the fact is most of us are desperate to be a bit leaner. Today we will teach you how to do it.

Before you begin reaping the results your hard earned efforts in the gym deserve, you must first understand what each of these principles means.

If you don’t know how to build muscle today’s interview will assist you a lot.

* The old classic compound exercises remain the key movements for building lean mass.

* Neglecting to rest your body is like flushing results down the toilet.

* You won’t get far without a solid nutrition plan backing up your effort in the gym.

We will run through these tips in a little bit more depth for you now so you are able to hit the weights room full of confidence in your new routine. The first rule points out the importance of making the most of compound exercises.

The main issue with people who want to get bigger in the gym is that they tend to spend too much time doing isolation exercises and not enough time on compound movements. Your compounds are your key to success, so use them as the basis of your session. You may enjoy the bench press, which is a great compound exercise, but the other lifts tend to be neglected in favor of small isolated movements such as bicep curls. Squats, pull ups and shoulder press need more attention here.

There are still benefits to be had from isolation movements, of course, it’s just about learning when to perform them and how to structure your workout session according to your overall goal. If your goal is strength and size then you need to attack your big compound lifts while your body is still at full energy, then round out your session by adding a few isolated movements afterwards.

Most people who find it difficult to get bigger are able to experience gains they have never had before thanks to that one simple trick. To get the most from it, however, you need to also pay special attention to the second point. As you begin to notice results you will want to train every day. That’s actually a bad thing.

Rest is incredibly important. Think of it as a day of growth. Your body isn’t actually building when you are inside the gym, remember that. You may look pumped up in the mirror but that will fade. The real job of building begins when you are at home resting. If you want to get the most from a certain body part you cannot train it every single day.

The third and final rule covers diet. That’s correct, even though your goal is size you still have to watch what you eat. After all, there is a difference between adding good size and bad size, I’m sure you understand exactly what we mean there!

Most people consider their diet to be too confusing when in fact it’s quite simple. To establish how many calories per day you should consume simply multiply your body weight in kg’s by 25 and then multiply that answer by 1.5 to discover your daily target.

However, it’s one thing eating the right number of calories in a day. You also have to ensure you are getting a good balance of the 3 main macro nutrients. That’s protein, carbohydrates and fat to you and I. A split of 30%, 50% and 20% is enough to make the most of those calories.

Thousands of gym members tend to use over complicated theories on how to lose weight or how to build muscle when in truth it’s actually very straightforward. That being said, of course, you cannot expect to get results without putting in the work.

About the author: Russ Howe PTI is the UK’s leading personal trainer. If you want to know how to build muscle or how to lose weight our free proven guides will help you achieve more from your training.

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