How to lose weight quick and easy – The reason why people are unable to lose weight quick and easy

People who want to lose weight really fast, make a very big mistake right from the start, that prevents them from losing weight at all, let alone fast. It is something that is much more important than diet plans or exercise programs, that you are using.

How to lose weight quick and easySet goals

Before you even start a diet and exercise program, you firstly have to make it very clear, what exactly you want to achieve. If you do not have the correct direction made up in your mind, then sooner or later you will get lost. You will be like a ship, without a compass. The more goals you have and the more specific they are, the more likely you are to lose weight fast and permanently.

  • The most important part of goal setting , is to set yourself very specific goals. If you just want to lose weight or get a bit leaner, then this is not enough. Specific goals have a much more powerful effect on your subconscious mind. For example you can narrow it down to exactly the amount of pounds you want to lose. Or narrow it down to the body fat percentage you want to achieve.
  • Secondly it is just as important, to be able to measure your goals. Otherwise you will never know, if you have reached your goals or not. If you want to reach 9% body fat, then you have to measure your body fat percentage, to find out how close or far you are from your goal. Or if you want to lose 30 pounds of fat, then you also have to measure exactly the amount of FAT you have lost, not weight.
  • Thirdly it is a lot more helpful to you, if you set yourself BIG goals. Throw those negative and realistic thoughts out of your head and dream. do not be scared to set yourself big goals. You may not achieve all of your goals, but they will certainly give you bucket loads of motivation.

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