How to lose weight and get perfect Abs

Let’s be honest here no one is entirely satisfied with the look of their bodies.  Perhaps the one single part of our body that causes distress for men and women are our abs. Having a flat stomach is more than a health aspiration it is one of the ultimate status symbols. We might not be able to afford Rolex watches or a Ferrari sports car, but we can all have an aesthetically pleasing set of abs.

A quick look in the glossies reveals how seriously society considers abs. The slightest sign of a famous celeb sporting a bit of tummy fat results in close up shots and bitchy column writing. Indeed the media also claim to have the cure for perfect abs. Take shopping channels for example. There are adverts galore for this machine and that machine that claim to give you perfect abs in a month or 6 weeks. The truth is that while some of this equipment is good at its job it is not necessary to make big financial commitments to get yourself a wash board stomach.  In fact all you need is a bit of dedication, will power, and a well stocked fridge.

Whats that I hear you ask a well stocked fridge? 

I thought I was supposed to be losing weight on my abs not putting more in. Well it may be of a surprise to hear that that one of the secrets for better looking abs is to eat lots and lots. The trick is to make sure it is of the right stuff.  By lots what I mean is of lean protein rich foods like Chicken, Turkey, Fish and even the odd bit of grilled steak every now and again.  Protein is one of the most effective tools in the war against tummy fat.  Your body has to burn more energy to digest it, and being a muscle builder it  also helps to convert fat into muscle. I think you will agree that makes it of a lot of use for you.  It has long been the knowledge of weight builders but now it is being incorporated into a range of weight loss routines.

Now imagine we could put the amazing fat burning properties of protein under a magnifying lens. Imagine  if we could somehow wave a magic wand over the protein rich foods and make them more  effective than before. Well fortunately you don’t need to be David Copperfield to do this. You can actually enhance the effects of the protein you are putting into your body by complementing them with the right foods.
One of the ways to do this is to eat  lots of high fibre foods. You want to keep yourself regular, and keep your body burning food. The more your body is burning food the more calories it is burning and the more you end up shifting from your stomach. A high fibre diet will do three things. First you will have the bulk in your system to keep your body clean and efficient. Secondly fibre will raise your metabolism and thirdly if your drink lots of water your fibre diet will help to regulate the water in your intestine. Switch to a bran based and get in a good helping of nuts, pulses and other grains. Just from making the switch from white to whole grain bread you will be making a big difference to your overall fibre intake.

Now I said earlier how it was not necessary to make a  major investment in the latest ad crunching machine that might cost several  hundred pounds. However, there is one bit of equipment that I do recommend and the good thing is you can get hold of it from any good sports store and it will cost you less than twenty pound. I am talking here of course about getting a ‘Swiss’ or ‘Fit ball’ .

Swiss balls, were developed by physiotherapists in Switzerland during the 1960’s for use during physiotherapy rehabilitation. The Swiss Ball has increased in popularity and is now used in gyms and as part of home exercise programmes. Swiss balls are one of today’s top fitness tools and for good reason! Using a Swiss ball will improve the strength of the abs and the lower back. Since the Swiss ball is unstable you have to constantly adjust your balance, which in turn will improve your balance, proprioception and flexibility. As an extra challenge you can use the exercise ball as a bench using free-weights to target those hard to reach stabilizer muscles.

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