How To Get Cheap Concert Tickets

The crash of the economy has seen a lot of people changing their spending habits, and making do without those things that they had become used to. Spending a lot of money on concert tickets is now a thing of the past, as there is just not enough disposable income for such frivolities. If you like live music however, do not give up hope. You might still be able to attend shows, paying almost nothing for your seats.

Everyone, including you, has a point of view about what their favorite artist is up to. If you want to attend concerts fro free, you first step is to get your opinions published in some way. The easiest way to do this is to start a blog or music review site, where you write about your favourite bands and their doings.

This blog will give you an entry to the world of promoters. What you do is, once your site is set up and you have published a few posts, write to the bands’ promoters, and tell them you will review any artists they represent. Doing this will get you onto their lists, so that you receive emails any time they have an event coming up. You’ll be given a heads-up long before anyone else knows the singer is coming to your area, and you can now begin your preparations for seeing them without spending a fortune.

When you get notice that a band you like is coming to a place near you, you can put your plan into action. Email the band’s publicist once again, and respectfully request a ticket, informing them that you would like to feature the band in the next article you publish. If you are wary of going to shows alone, make sure you ask for an extra ticket so that you can take a friend with you. After the show, do write the article, and then give your contact access to it by sending a link in an email.

If you can find a job promoting the band in your area then that is another way to get cheap or even free tickets. Some publicists do this, so find out if there is anything like that for any of the bands you want to see. You can earn points to exchange for tickets, or you are rewarded with free tickets. Either way, it’s a win for you.

You must noticed that sometimes radio stations give tickets to listeners who call in to particular shows. Tune in to your favorite station and if they are doing this, get your self a phone that has rapid dial and re-dial times, so that you can be one of the first to call in one the lines are opened for the give-away. Tickets are usually given away either in the morning or early evening, so make sure you are listening in at these times.

Some of your friends might get free passes or affordable ones through their jobs. Or, you may know people that work with bands and promoters in some capacity or another. Keep these people informed of what you are looking for, in this case free or cheap passes. You never know what they can do unless you tell them what you need. Sometimes asking directly can work wonders, so utilize any contacts you have that can help you achieve your goal.

Being a member of a fan-club, especially an official one, is a great way to keep informed. They also sometimes give-away passes and band branded items too, so make sure you sign up. There are websites that give away passes if you sign up for their newsletters. When you receive the newsletter and click through to the site, you earn points towards Toronto Maple Leafs tickets, this way getting to see you chosen artist on stage without paying anything.

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