How To Fix Your Bench Press (part 1)

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  1. i couldnt perform better in badminton after 2 months of lifting weight..
    my arm flexibilities lost and couldnt curl ..
    lifting weight is not the best exercise for me anymore.. it just for body building

  2. XxAneteron says:

    what is that song ? mmm

  3. SparksHealth says:

    Great vid, cheers for the tip, amazing the damage we have all be doing to ourselves…….

  4. VStrongsideX says:

    HAHAHAHA! that guy is fat HAHAHA!

  5. blindmellonchittlen says:

    Excellent advice, esp, the tip on not flaring your elbows. No wonder I hurt my shoulders alot in the past. Thanks

  6. groganiteunleash says:

    You misread the weight. Those are 25 lb plates.

  7. A good bench press tip from Jason Ferrugia: When you’re about to push up, engage your legs and push off the ground with your feet. The pushing on the ground should help add weight to your bench press.

  8. FortuneGranted says:

    Damn good video.

  9. Hawkboy77 says:

    that guy looks like he’d be really strong.

  10. sniperboy102 says:

    good video, majority of the people have bad form

  11. jdbergman1 says:

    good stuff i have just gotten back in the gym after about 4 years and i never really lifted in school but i got my bench going i have put on 30 pounds but i have really hit a wall and im thinking its my technique so im going to try some new stuff any one got any suggestions?

  12. I’ve Had The Same Problem . I Think It’s When We’re Doing Too Much Weiqht And Our Back Comes Up Alittle . I Did It The Other Day And It Was Tense When I Got Off To Do My Squats

  13. jakekhanph says:

    when ever i do my bench press my rear delts always hurts…why is this?

  14. king0trance says:

    cause thats where zack and arnel and joe are. I can get their online info all day long but nothing beats personal coaching.

  15. joselosanchez says:

    Arnel, can’t believe u look like the apprentice now. Man, u don’t need that. I dropped 23lbs in 6 weeks with your method. Keep at it.

  16. burleytrojans says:

    To be honest even though Arnel is smaller and generally not as big, Arnel is bossing the video body-wise

  17. burleytrojans says:

    why new jersey?

  18. TravisMoore says:

    about 5 foot 7 inches I think =D

  19. Look at that guy’s power when he pushes up 135lb. I know it’s not much, but still thats like how I look with only 100lbs.

  20. king0trance says:

    No joke, I should move to New Jersey.

  21. THANKS! i have that problem with the flaring elbows n i found my rotator cuff feeling like crap the next day…so yea, thanks for the simple tips

  22. How tall is Arnel?

  23. Is jim smith really tall or is amal just really short

  24. queensdawg says:

    Its crazy how all of the big names in personal training are in jersey..
    Diesel Crew
    Vince del monte
    Zach even esh
    You guys keep it going..

  25. Really helpful! ;D

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