How To Cook Tomato Sauce That Will Astound Your Dinner Guests

Here is a truly good tomato ketchup recipe that you can to freeze and use as needed.

The cause of freezing is to allow the levels of pesticide remnants found in tomatoes to be reduced and the nutrients will remain. On the opposite side, cooking tomatoes will ultimately help the bioavailability of the anti-oxidizing agent that is present in tomatoes which is known as lycopene. Most people purchase tomato sauce either in bottle or in can from supermarket. You might of course make on your own and you can add something in option. Here is a tomato sauce recipe simply base from Bolognese. You can produce it from nothing.


The ingredients that you will use are 1 lb minced beef, 1 bay leaf, Salt and Pepper, 25cl of Red wine, 25cl of Tomato Sauce, 1 dl of olive oil, 3.5 oz of carrot and 3.5oz of onion.


Preparing the most amazing tomato sauce begin with mincing the carrot and onion. The next step is to fry the oil and one bay leaf in the pan. After it is prepared, take little time then add the meat. Mix them all and wait until the beef would be half cooked. This is the part then where you want to add wine and permit it to be boiled for approximately half volume. Last is adding the tomatoes.

This special Bolognese tomato sauce recipe does not only contain tomatoes but other healthy factors that are also good for your kids. The carrots and red peppers alone are good source of thiamine, vitamin C, B6, folic acid and beta-carotene.

It is time to prepare a healthy tomato sauce for your folks. With this tomato sauce recipe you can make a delicious and nutritious tomato sauce that everyone would certainly love. Making your own recipe and ketchup really is a satisfying feeling.

This site is loving put together by Mellie Hightower of Begin making super succulent tomato sauce right now!

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