Standard Manual Drip Coffee Makers.

Most people are unaware of the difference between automatic drip and manual drip coffee makers. The difference is extremely simple. While an automatic drip coffee makers automatically pours hot water over coffee grains, a manual one does not, and it is up to you to pour the hot water.

Manual drip coffee makers typically come in single cup to twelve cup varieties and basically give you similar results as an automatic drip coffee maker. Some people prefer the flavor of coffee after it has been brewed with a manual drip coffee maker, and they rather enjoying being able to choose the type of filter and filter holder. A good thing about manual drip coffee makers is that they don’t use electricity and can be used wherever you happen to go. This makes them a great choice for camping. You can just add boiling water from your campfire or portable stove.

The only components a manual drip coffee maker has are the pot or cup, a filter and a filter holder. Even in the more sophisticated model, these are the basic components. The pot or cup are set on a flat surface, a filter holder is set on top of it, along with a filter, and all you need to do is to fill it with coffee grains. After boiling the water, you pour it directly over the filter. It is an extremely simple process which carries a small risk of scolding yourself with the boiling water if you have never done this before. It is recommended that you use a teapot or other equipment with a spout to pour the water, since pouring the water with a saucer is more likely to cause scalding accidents.

Each manual drip coffee maker requires a special type of filter and filter holder. The filters can be permanent metal ones or your basic disposable paper ones. A lot of consumers prefer the metal filter because aside from being able to use it repeatedly, they can also have the same level of water flow each time. Paper filters are more costly over time, and the water flow can change depending on the brand used. You can also buy a large variety of filter holders, though it is customary for the manual drip coffee maker to already have one when you buy the machine. You can buy a different one, but be aware of the risk to overflow. Filter holders come in many sizes and they are made from plastic, porcelain, metal or glass.

And of course, you should be particularly mindful about the pot or cup. How much coffee do you want to brew? The single cup version is ideal for people living alone and for anyone struggling with space issues. The 10-12 cup type works best for large families and in households where a lot of coffee is typically drunk; they can also be used during camping trips. They aren’t as big as an electric coffee maker and can be taken apart for easy cleaning and carrying.

The most important part of any coffee maker is the type of coffee you use. Coffee definitely tastes better if you choose expensive and freshly ground coffee, as opposed to coffee you purchase at a discount store. However, taste in coffee is very personal, and you should try different types to see which one works best for you.

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