How To Choose A Lavender Scented Neck Wrap

Neck and shoulder problems are among the most common physical ailments. In addition to physical injury, we carry a lot of stress and tension in these areas. A lavender scented neck wrap provides welcome relief, whether you are injured, have a medical condition or are just suffering from stress. These wraps can be heated in a microwave or chilled in a freezer for deeper relief. The wonderful scent combines aromatherapy and therapeutic treatments into one.

It is possible to buy these products from many online retailers. This enables you to compare the different products and their prices in the most convenient way. As with any product, opting for the cheapest one usually results in disappointment and it is better to go for the best quality affordable to you.

The fabrics used for the outer covers may be anything from velvet to soft fleece. It is important to think about comfort, ability to keep it clean and durability when choosing an outer cover. A machine washable cover is most convenient. The color and fabric chosen depends entirely on your personal preference and there is a wide variety of both fabrics and colors available from which to choose.

The shape of the product and fill used is also important. You want one with a shape that conforms to your body as closely as possible so that it feels comfortable. The fill used should provide the right weight so that it stays in place when moving about without being too heavy.

You also want to make sure that the best quality materials are used in the product. Lavender has a long list of medicinal properties such as offering relief from muscle tension as well as being an anti-inflammatory and circulatory stimulant. It also has a soothing and calming effect. However, these benefits are only experienced when natural products are used, such as the pure natural essential oil. Synthetic oil fragrances do not have the same benefits or scent.

Flax seeds are often used as a filling. This is because they offer a suitable weight and they can be heated in the microwave. They retain this heat for some time, offering the necessary relief for aching muscles. This is of particular benefit for those who experience severe chills and aches in winter due to various medical conditions. Both the warmth and the scent released provide amazing relief and it is not long before muscles start to relax.

It is also possible to use these wraps for cold therapy. Wrapping one in a plastic bag and storing it in the freezer means that it is instantly available when needed. Treating injuries like sprains and bruises with analgesic slows down blood flow, thus reducing swelling and pain.

A lavender scented neck wrap offers you the opportunity to treat yourself. Rather than going for expensive massages or spa therapy, you can benefit from therapy in your own home, while continuing with your chores or watching television. These products also make wonderful gifts for special occasions. Treat your mother, daughter, aunt or sister to one and they will be thrilled.

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