Pain Relief With Cervical Traction Device

A lot people suffer from mild to severe neck pain due to a variety of reasons. They seek professional treatment from physicians and chiropractors who try a number of different remedies to relieve the discomfort. Many find that using a cervical traction device can often provide a respite from the often debilitating hurt of so many things from a headache to a herniated disc.

These traction devices work on a relatively simple premise. A force is applied to the neck in order to stretch the soft tissue and reduce the pressure in the cervical region, which also relieves spasms. These tools come in many different forms that are designed for use both in a doctor’s office and at home.

This type of therapy is often prescribed as treatment for many issues including rheumatoid or osteoarthritis based neck pains, numbness in one’s arms or hands, muscle spasms, herniated discs, and aches in the back, jaw and head. It is commonly regarded as a most effective way of restoring and correcting one’s posture. This process can soothe a migraine in approximately twenty minutes according to major studies on the subject.

A process that is believed to date back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians, this stretching method has only been used in a clinical setting since the 1930’s. Though generally understood to be a perfectly safe practice, one should never begin this therapy without first consulting their physician. It could cause more issues if the patient suffers from any of several maladies such as a ruptured spinal disc, cancer, has certain infections or is pregnant.

It works by gently pulling the vertebra in the neck to their full extension, stretching the muscles and soft tissue as well. Doing so takes the pressure from the discs and nerves, allowing them to return to their natural positions. This action permits the vital fluids necessary for movement to flow freely once more which soothes aches and pains.

Sessions should not be performed for more than fifteen minutes each. It can be done multiple times each day, as needed for pain, but there should be a minimal of two hours between treatments. Those doing this at home should heed their doctor’s advice carefully as applying the pressure too often could cause a soreness that actually works counter-productively.

The first method by which the therapy is often administered is manual manipulation, where a trained practitioner gently supports and stretches the neck while the patient lies on a table. Another way is to place one’s chin in a sling device that hangs over a door and uses mechanical means to apply an upward force along the jawline. The final tool is an inflatable collar that the wearer controls with a hand pump to evenly distribute pressure to extend the upper spine.

There are several ailments that may cause a body to feel varied levels of pain in their necks, backs, heads and hands. Many of these can be relieved by using a cervical traction device to release pressure on the discs and soft tissues of the spine. While gentle and generally safe, it is highly advised that one consult their personal physician before beginning this, or any other type of therapy.

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