Demystifying the Dental Hygienist Salary

If you’re one of those who think that dentistry jobs are low-paying jobs, think again. The dental hygienist salary is considerably high. The recent trend in the job market is that not only are oral hygienist jobs one of the most sought after positions, they are also highly-paid ones provided you have the correct training of the advanced level. A few decades ago, an oral hygienists position was a relatively new profession and did not receive the status and privilege which they are finding today.

The Truth About The Dental Hygienist Salary

Oral hygienists are known in the medical field for the higher dental hygienist salary they draw and the temptingly easy and flexible work schedules they enjoy. Dental hygienists are important, as those who’ve been to the dentist’s office would attest. Let us find out what catches people’s fancy when they are contemplating making their entry into the profession of an oral hygienist. Does the charm lie in the high salary these individuals make or is there something else to the profession as well? The answer to these questions lies in examining closely the current state of the field of dental health, as well as emerging trends and the impact of these trends on the job market.

How The Dental Assistant Salary Is Continuing To Rise Due To Large Demand Increases

Over the next seven years the dental assistant salary is projected to rise substantially.In an economy where most job industries are suffering, the field of dentistry is exploding. Researchers for the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected in 2010 that this industry is expected to grow approximately 40 percent by the year 2018. Dental assistant jobs in the US already total nearly 300,000. This means 120,000 positions are going to be produced. This increase in this field would also cause the salaries for these positions to raise remarkably.