How Ladies Can Stop Being Helpless Versus Attackers

A friend once asked if I would know the way to protect myself if an attacker approached me. I said that I would not know how and this scared me.

I have always been searching for practical tricks intended for ladies to escape an assault. So, as soon as a good friend introduced me to pepper sprays, I felt like I had found what I needed. But first, I made it a point to learn how to use pepper spray the proper way.

Our society is turning out to be increasingly violent by the minute. It is especially difficult for a woman just like me whom criminals see as an easy prey. That is why I have high value for my personal safety.

In my attempt to know more about self-defense tools, I came across disguised pepper sprays. These seem like ordinary items to provide an element of surprise. I realized that catching a wrongdoer unawares would offer me plenty of chance to get away during an attack.

As I perused several types of pepper sprays, a lipstick pepper spray grabbed my attention. It is a defense spray disguised as a lipstick. Females is usually seen fiddling with their lipsticks so it wouldn’t seem strange to an assailant if he sees one in my possession.

When I stumbled on these types of mini pepper sprays, it hit me exactly how handy they are yet their compactness has not reduced their effectiveness. It would be very easy to conceal one in my hand to surprise any criminal getting in my way.

Pepper sprays are non-lethal so I have no compunction about making use of them against somebody that may want to take advantage of me. As a defense spray stings and also inflames the mucous membrane for a couple of minutes, victims are given an opportunity to escape from danger.

Today, it is extremely important to be on our toes always. As I had already made my choice of weapon for self-defense, it was very important for me to learn how to utilize a pepper spray to maximize its benefits.

Keri A Colet has been educating people how to operate self defense items to protect themselves for years. There are many options, like stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete help and instruction on how to operate the items.

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