How Fish Oil Supplements Help People Suffering ADD And ADHD

Today children are being placed on harmful prescription medications at the first sign of bad behavior. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity) are real diseases without any doubts, but still it is necessary to measure whether these diseases are really present or not.

If you really have or think that you have such health conditions as ADD or ADHD, then 2,000-5,000 mg of fish oil a day could help you to ease symptoms like wandering attention, hyperactivity and a racing mind. This is not known for sure how fish oil supplements help people suffering ADD or ADHD, but there is still strong anecdotal evidence that they do.

The credit for fish oil’s success is given to Omega 3 acids – a vital nutrient that is lacking in today’s diet. Wild meats have high concentration of Omega 3. Domestic vegetables and meats are quite low in Omega 3 acids, especially if they are factory farmed. Organically grown meat and vegetables from the pasture fed animals have somewhat more, however not nearly as much as wild foods.

Today the majority of people rarely or never eat wild plants and fish is the only commercial meat that is routinely caught in the wild. Fish oil supplements that are made from wild caught fish are an increasingly popular way to get Omega 3 into the diet.

These days fish oil is sold in capsules, making it much easier for many people to swallow. Today it is readily available over the counter, in different drug stores, grocery stores and various health food stores. Those people, who just cannot or do not eat fish or who are concerned about fish oil containing the heavy metal pollution could easily reap the same advantages by taking vegetarian sources of Omega 3 acids like borage or flaxseed oil.

It has been speculated to the point of becoming a complete rumor that the deficiency in Omega 3 acids caused ADD and AHDH. However, it is not so. In fact, ADD and ADHD are far more than a set of different symptoms. Actually, it is a way of perceiving and being in the world that just those who have it could really understand. Taking Omega 3 acids could help to calm hyperactivity, both mental and physical as well as increase the ability to focus evenly. But, still it does not change your basic orientation to the world or the way of perceiving things.

You have to understand that fish oil supplements do not cure such health conditions as AHDH and ADD. These fish oil supplements could only help to alleviate the troublesome symptoms. However, it is not known exactly how and why it works. People suffering ADHD or ADD who have benefited from taking fish oil supplements only know that it really does.

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