How Do You Want To Get Paid When Searching For Sales Jobs

When you are going out and searching for sales jobs, it is very important to consider how some types of positions are paid than others. There are basically just three different ways companies will structure your payouts. Some only do straight commission, while others might pay you a fixed amount each week and then give you a chance to earn more if you sustain a certain level of success, and then there are those who will give you a fixed amount each pay period and nothing else.

If you decide to take a straight commission position, then there is a special concern that you will have to be able to work through. You will not make any money unless you are able to sell a product or service that will generate that income since your pay will be based on a percentage of what you have sold. This could take a little time.

One of the most positive things about commission only is that you will generally make more money when you sell a unit of something than under any other pay structure. Usually, you may make twenty or thirty percent of the total value of the deal you made.

There are a lot of companies that understand the importance of their employees knowing that they will at least have a little something coming in each week that they can depend on. To accomplish this they will provide a base salary and if you manage to achieve certain goals, they will give you a little more as an incentive.

This style is one of the most popular to be used in many industries and it allows companies to develop a good team of representatives over time. Sometimes it takes a long period of time to build up a customer base before money really starts to roll in, and not having to always worry about where your next dollar is coming from helps a person stay in to position long enough to develop this client base.

Then there is the straight salary that does not offer a bonus or commission structure to earn extra money. What your weekly or monthly pays is, that is what you will have to spend each month. The hourly rate might be a bit higher here, but the overall pay outs might be smaller than other ways of earning a paycheck.

Getting a wage under these terms usually means that while you have accepting a selling position, you are more likely expected to provide good service for others who are already interested in what you have to offer and have made up their minds that want it for themselves. Certain retail settings are the most likely spots to see this structure. The aspects of prospecting and developing customers is generally not going to be one of the responsibilities you are going to be expected to perform.

Determining how you want to make money when searching for Sales jobs is important in figuring out what type of position you will accept. This will also help determine how much you have the potential to make. The decision is yours to make. provides job seekers with a large number of potential job postings online. Visit them today to find the Toronto jobs or Finance jobs that suit you.

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