Where To Choose The Right Acorn Chair Lifts For Your House And You

When we get older unfortunately some things become out of our control. One of the main things that does suffer is our ability to move and become mobile. The problem is that people who live in a house with more than one floor can find it difficult to get up and down stairs. Acorn chair lifts are available to people who need to have that helping hand to get up and down levels without running the risk of having any accidents.

These types of mobility transport are to give people who are unable to manoeuvre up stairs the freedom to get around their own home without the need for assistance. There are many varieties of chair lift that are available in this niche and and one of the best out there is the Acorn range.

Acorn chair lift systems are one of the most respected and well known names in the market today and it is easy to see why. They are known for their high levels of quality and if they are looked after by the owner then they can last for as long as they are needed. This is one of the big drawing points that people seem to look for as the reliability of the machine is paramount to this form of transport as you do not want it to fail on you at any moment.

Almost all of the Acorn chair lifts that are on the market come with batteries. This is great as it eliminates the need to have cables lying around and keeps the general look of the lift tidy. By having battery powered chairs this can cause problems with the charge available. Luckily the stair lift will not move if there is not enough battery left to complete the journey.

Acorn lifts are fitted with seat belts so this will minimize the chances of an accident whilst in motion. Also the range has a smooth start up and stop function so you will have no sudden jolts when it is started up or when it is coming to a halt and this all adds to your safety.

Unlike other stair lift manufacturers Acorn do not attach the lifts to the wall but to the actual stairs themselves. This will reduce the amount of work needed for installation and will give the overall finish a better presentation. This method will also allow you to attach the lift to curved as well as straight stair formations.

Remember that when you are in the market for a new stair lift then you should look no further than Acorn chair lifts. They provide a good number of varieties that would suit almost all of your needs and styles. By buying from this well trusted manufacturer then you can be sure that you are buying into a brand that is well known for being one of the best.

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