Hormone Replacement Therapy Has Benefits For Women

Women have widely made use of Hormone replacement therapy for easing the menopausal symptoms experienced by women of certain age group. This therapy also has numerous health benefits which are discussed below.

A very common symptom seen in all menopausal women is the ever disturbing Hot flashes. These flashes occur because of lack of hormones where body temperature is increased with the temperature regulating process and the body assuming it is in a cold state. With hot flashes women will experience a feeling of hotness not only in the facial, neck and head area but throughout the body. Treatment of hot flashes is possible with hormone replacement therapy.

Another key area threatened by menopause is the reproductive tract. Since the reproductive hormones are required for the thickness and moisture in the tract for sexual activity. Women suffer from vaginal atrophy when these hormones are not there, causing dryness, pain and itching during intercourse. For prevention of any symptoms of atrophy, hormone replacement therapy can provide natural horones.

Women may also have urinary problems during menopause because reproductive hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are required to keep the urinary bladder and urethral wall musculature. When there is a lack of these hormones, it becomes difficult for the woman to control her urination and slight sneezing or coughing can even result in the woman dribbling urine. Hormone replacement therapy is an effective treatment and can prevent this uncomfortable symptom of menopause.

Colon and rectal cancers can also develop in menopausal women. Which spread over their body with time. The risk of developing these cancers can be eliminated or reduced with the help of hormone replacement therapy

Menopausal women also have an increased risk of osteoporosis due to loss of estrogen and progesterone. This is because estrogen hormone in their body is necessary for giving them strong

Menopausal women can avail some of these benefits from the hormone replacement therapy..

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