HOME BACK WORKOUT!!! How To Build / Gain Muscle Fast (not easy!) part 3

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  1. xtremestunt says:

    fuckin hell man! Crazy motherfckin tank!!!! i gotta do this

  2. jumar1281 says:

    damn bro you’ve got amazing back development, actually overall amazing development. i’ve always had trouble developing my back, but recently i started doing pull ups, and its made all the difference. when i bought my door frame pull up bar, i couldn’t even do one pullup, now i can do about 7, full range, no cheating, and its only been one month. i can actually see the difference. this is a great workout and i will definately be adding it to my routine

  3. castitowave says:

    i f your not willing to bust ur ass working out you wont get results

  4. looks like some hard ass sht. you gotta be strong to even start working out that way surely, im trying to find a way not too hard or easy to work my back at home say like with dumbells or something like that or with multi gym

  5. WIREDXSTNX says:

    dam has that pull up bar ever fallen off on you when you work out like that???

  6. milasuave says:

    Oh my god! merry me please 😉 what a man!

  7. Pilmer1993 says:

    4kg in pounds is…Calculating it: 8.8 pounds
    I have lost 34kg mainly to treadmill/sprinting/boxing bag/ your workouts
    34kg is..74.9pounds

    Problem with your workouts that its really intense.. when i first started it was hell.. now its pretty good.. getting fitter and stronger every 2nd day and i notice very good changes..thanks again looking @ your website now

  8. uselesswhy says:

    thank you, now i need brandon to show me some cardio, lol

  9. hamster133 says:

    bro ur fukin tank man if i eva come a cross u i would beg u to be my trainer

  10. HealthyAmerica1 says:

    anotherr great video!

  11. you cant target fat loss in specific areas, you have to do cardio work in order to lose fat ALL OVER the body so the only way to get rid of your fat on your chest is to do some cardio and lose entire body fat

  12. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @Pilmer1993 thats whats up homie! how much it that in pounds? i got link to all the equipment i use on my site

  13. Pilmer1993 says:

    I’v lost probably 4kg with some of your cardio work.. like high knee sprinting and drop down and knees to the chest..3 sets.. that is fucking ultimate man… QUESTION: Were can i get Chin up door mount like that one you have.. because i cant seem to find any

  14. Pilmer1993 says:

    fuck your strong bro

  15. uselesswhy says:

    can you do one on chest, like to get rid of fat there, but i dont have any equipment so please make the exercises adapt to my environment.

  16. thx man its works great for me! 😛
    o0o and btw you are a pure muscle machine!
    its amazing 😛

  17. Wow. I don’t even think i can do that at 38 secs

  18. santoscool845 says:

    gona take a look

  19. BrandonCarterTV says:

    @santoscool845 there is a link to buy the rings on my site

  20. santoscool845 says:

    I need to get some rings, and people that are watching this I recomend listening to music while working out it has helped me get more reps in and time just flyl by!

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