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In the psychological community there is a phrase, “change your mind, change your life.” In chiropractic care, the motto might be, “change your alignment, improve your health.” Chiropractic adjustments are currently being performed in over 60 countries. While chiropractors have long had to battle the stigma of being irrelevant to treating pain and disease, the practice has made great strides being recognized as a valuable medically oriented treatment.

Considered safe and effective, chiropractor adjustments are beneficial for the treatment of acute back and lower back pain resulting from a sudden injury or trauma, such as moving heavy objects or taking a bad fall. Sitting improperly or repetitive movement can also cause minor trauma to joints, which can limit movement and cause discomfort. Acute back pain is far more common than chronic pain. With proper chiropractic treatment, those suffering from acute pain in the back, neck or joints, find relief generally after the first few visits. Full recovery can take up to six treatments or more depending on the severity of the injury.

Chiropractors perform spinal manipulation by manually applying a gentle, yet specific deep thrust technique known as the Diversified Technique. It is very rare for a joint to go completely out of place, so the idea that a chiropractor is putting joints “back in place” is a myth. What these practitioners actually do is realign the joint within its cavital structure, stretching the tissue that has formed around the misaligned joint. When that tissue is softly stretched via manipulation, it creates a “popping” sound known as osseous, when the bubbles of gas in the bodily fluids are released.This is similar to the sound one makes when “cracking” their knuckles.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to restore normal joint and neurological activity in the joint, which allows the body to heal itself more readily.This restored function of the joint results in pain relief, a decrease in symptoms and more freedom of movement in the joint, which has been restricted by tissue that has formed around the improper alignment.

Almost daily our bodies experience minor trauma, such as falls, repetitive movement, sitting without proper back support, If untreated, these traumas can lead to a host of more serious medical problems and injuries. Good chiropractic care is the easiest, least invasive way to properly align muscles, joints, bones and connective tissue in a way that restores the proper biomedical functioning of the joints and can prevent the need for more serious medication or medical care in some cases.

Fully trained chiropractors will have D.C. after their name, which is earned by going through a pre-med undergraduate degree plus four to five years of chiropractic college. They must pass national board exams before they are allowed to practice. Expect the practitioner to take a full case history, and possibly X-rays for analysis and diagnosis followed by a physical examination. Typically, patients see a benefit after one or two treatments, and a half-dozen visits are usually enough to resolve acute back pain.

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