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The single biggest reason cited for not competing tasks is the lack of motivation. If you’re like everybody else in the entire universe (and you are) then at one point or another you will lack the motivation to do something. Welcome to the club. There are about 6 billion human members plus a few million animals as well (that’s right animals can be lazy too).

Whilst a lack of motivation may not be your biggest challenge personally, it is one of the biggest challenges that students face as they try to find the strength of character to push through high school and College.

When you don’t have the proper motivation to complete a task, the task can quickly become a painful and cumbersome chore – rather than a fairly straightforward process. Why?

If you lack the feeling of motivation, your focus will be low, your effort will be down and your output will suffer the consequences. But when you are feeling motivated the amount of work you can complete is astronomical, your effort is through the roof, the challenges seem small and anything seems possible! It’s a feeling we’d all love to have all the time. So how does it come about?

As a general rule, most people are operating on the base level of motivation – which is fear of negative consequences. What do I mean by this? Well, we act out of concern about what will happen if we don’t act. For example, you may complete your homework because if you don’t you will be grounded. You may strive to get an A on your Maths test because if you don’t your average will drop which will impact your ability to get into University or College. It’s not necessarily a “bad thing” but it’s the way we are conditioned to behave.

If there was no deadline and no consequence for not handing a paper in on time, would we ever even hand it in? Would we even start the stinking paper? Would anyone ever do anything they didn’t want to do?

Fear of negative consequences has its place in the world. It’s important in its own way – however it should absolutely not be the ultimate reason for you to do whatever it is you do each day. It should not dictate your behavior. That’s not living. That’s just “existing”.

If you want to really find your bliss in life you need to find a way to find the positive reason for why you’re doing whatever you’re doing (and this doesn’t just apply to your schooling – it applies to all areas of life).

True motivation is when you don’t act out of fear, but instead you act out of possibilities. You act out of the possibility of what doing the task may bring to your life. The possibility of wealth (there are more forms of wealth than just monetary), the possibility of health, the possibility of love, or the possibility of some form of prosperity. This is the entire foundation for positive motivation – and the real kicker is that it’s more powerful than any form of negative motivation could ever be.

Each time you do anything, you need only ask yourself one question. Is this act an act of possibility or an act of fear? Unfortunately, most of us act out of fear. Find your possibility and you will have found your true motivating force. Once you find that, the rest will seem like a pleasure. Good luck! is the number one resource for learning new study skills, transforming your study habits and finding the best study tips available. We provide free access to the world’s best and most entertaining study resources and strategies that will help you change the way you think about study – and even better – show you how to study: Help Me Study | Study Skills

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