Have Confidence with Tooth Bleaching

Are you having problems with tooth stain? Does your grandma even have lighter teeth than you? Whenever somebody takes you picture you’d always be wearing that Mona Lisa smile shy appearance on your photos? Fear not, advances in science and dentistry has found a way for tooth bleaching to be made possible. It can vary from having a visit to your local dentist to buying over the counter whitening solutions.

Tooth bleaching or also known as tooth whitening is a procedure wherein bleaching strips to bleaching gels, bleaching pens and laser bleaching are being used. The key ingredients to teeth bleaching are Hydrogen Peroxide ad Carbamide Peroxide. These are oxidizing agents that penetrate the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel for the purpose of oxidizing stain deposits on the layers of your tooth.

Tooth bleaching is completely safe and you have nothing to worry about it. It does no irreversible damage to your teeth. The teeth whitening system would differ from person to person, depending on the condition your of teeth and how often the teeth whitening system is applied. It also depends on the kind of food you eat and if you drink caffeine or smoke.

Tooth bleaching, although makes your teeth look better, also makes your teeth quite hypersensitive since all the tooth whitening makes your teeth sensitive to hot and cold.

You won’t get instant results overnight with tooth bleaching. It would usually take a couple of weeks before you can have visible results. You should follow the products instructions on how often you should apply the product or how to use it effectively. You should also visit your dentist to have your monthly check up especially if you’re using tooth bleaching products at home.

You can ask your friendly dentist about tooth bleaching products that he would recommend for your use or your dentist can even do the procedure himself at his clinic. With Tooth Bleaching, you need not worry about coffee stains anymore.

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