A Health Nut’s List Of Powerful And Beneficial Veggies

Vegetables are not easy to come by in you or your child’s diet unless you make a real effort. Many children, as well as many adults, are scared to try new vegetables, and it just so happens that many vegetables have a bad reputation of tasting awful. This is not the case, however. There are so many types of veggies that are delicious and great for your health.

This article will explore some options that are great for both you and your kids.

It should come as no surprise that spinach is incredibly healthy. This has been preached to us since the early days of Popeye, and the health benefits of spinach are vast. Eat more spinach, plain and simple.

If you are looking for a more interesting way than broccoli and spinach to get the same health benefits, a good vegetable to introduce into the diet is Brussels sprouts. Whether they are served sauted, raw or cooked, Brussels sprouts are simply put, delicious.

When it comes to getting vitamin C from your diet, one vegetable trumps the rest; red peppers. In fact, red peppers give you more than a whole day’s value of vitamin C.

When it comes to getting your vitamin K, asparagus is one of the best things you can eat. Grilled asparagus is a personal favorite of mine, but check out some recipes about the different ways you can incorporate this veggie into your diet.

If you or your kids are just too much of a picky eater and have tried an array of vegetables unsuccessfully, then do not lose hope. If you fall into this category, then your best bet is to get a multivitamin to prevent any type of deficiency from not having these vegetables in your diet.

Another type of vegetable that you should try to eat more of for vitamin K is cauliflower. Try pureeing cauliflower for a delicious vegetable dish that your kids may not even realize is a vegetable.

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