Has A Way Been Found To End Itching Caused By Eczema?

Does your sleep suffer because you are scratching itchy red bumps on your skin for much of the night? Or perhaps it is your child, who is scratching?

The itching causes torment. It seems to be an affliction that you are powerless to stop.

You may begin to think that the itching will never stop. There seems to be a never ending itch-scrath-itch cycle in place. The scratching often makes the condition worse.

The most likely cause of the red itchy bumps is eczema. However red itchy bumps are associated with several medical complaints. Therefore, you should consult with your doctor to get a diagnosis.

Eczema is a non contagious skin ailment, that is characterized by red itchy bumps on the skin. It causes the skin to be itchy and inflamed. The bumps typically appear as patches on the torso, arms, legs, neck or face.

Eczema erupts and then it subsides. You will have repeated outbreaks of it, because it is a chronic condition. The timing of an outbreak is not predictable.

The medical profession does not know what causes eczema. There are indications that it may be hereditary. It often shows itself in childhood. Young children will get scaly patches on their legs and arms and other part of their bodies. Cheeks that are chapped are common. Older children may get it on their knees and elbows. Adults will get it on their eyelids, hands and basically anywhere on the body. It doesnt worsen as the sufferer gets older.

Because the cause of eczema is not known, doctors will tell you that there is no cure for it. They prescribe medication that can help to alleviate some of the itching, but the eczema always comes back.

When you see the agony your child is going through with eczema, or if you are experiencing the agony yourself, it is hard to accept that nothing can be done to end the suffering.

But is a cure for eczema really what you want right now? Or do you really want to prevent eczema outbreaks from happening?

Cure and prevention are not the same thing. You will find that there are preventions for many medical conditions, even though cures for them have not been found.

Eczema presents no other threat to your health, besides the itchy bumps. As such, you probably would be thrilled if you could find a method that permanently prevents outbreaks of eczema from happening, until a cure is found.

What do you think about focusing your attention on finding a way to prevent future breakouts of eczema, while doctors search for a cure? When all is said and done, the outcome you really want is no more itchy bumps on skin.

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