Get Out On Your Battery Mobility Scooter

Whether you’ve been disabled since birth or recently sustained an injury or illness that has taken away your freedom to roam, you may find aid from a battery mobility scooter. These great technological devices give you the power to get where you want to go without assistance from others. No longer will you be limited in your movement with a mobility tool like these.

Get out and enjoy the things you love with ease with a mobility unit from TGA. You shouldn’t be left on the side lines because you can’t get about. Make sure that you are able to enjoy every second of life like everyone else with one of these three great, affordable mobility units.

Looking for an inexpensive way to get around your office, shopping plaza or home? The Buddy offers users flexibility and ease of movement in a lightweight, easy to transport scooter. The Buddy folds flat to go into your car boot or can be disassembled quickly and easily to transport by other means.

If you’re looking for a little more in a scooter, the Superlight RWD will give you the best of the best for a low price. With 24 inch width, you can get through any doorway or structural opening with ease.

Don’t be left behind when others head out onto rough terrain. With the Superlight RWD, you can get over and through most anything. The RWD has a top speed of 4 mph and can go from 12-16 miles on one quick charge.

The Eclipse gives users the most for their money. Soft, easy to adjust seat and arms give you all of the comforts of home while you’re out and about. Range on the Eclipse is 18 miles on one charge. The Eclipse fits easily into your car boot and offers the finest in batter mobility scooter options.

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