Find Any Relation Between Acne And Being Fat Or Slim In Shape

While there may not be substantial evidence of any relation between acne and being fat or slim, there is a link between acne and lifestyle. The condition of ones skin is an indication that the body may not be healthy.

Choosing foods that have little or no nutritional value that are high in fat and sodium can increase body weight. On the flip side, not consuming enough food, nutritious or not, can cause us to be too slim. So if we look at what we put into our bodies as healthy or harmful, we can see a connection that will effect the condition of our skin and also to being too fat or too slim.

The changes in hormones that every adolescent goes through, male or female, will cause the metabolic state of the body to become unbalanced. This disturbance of the hormones can cause an excess of oil to the skin and to the hair. The changes can also contribute to an increase in weight as well as a decrease. To add insult, teens do not usually have good eating habits and what they eat can worsen any skin problems.

Normal adolescent skin blemishes are a result of hormonal changes and are a temporary state that will clear up once the bodys metabolic condition evens out. During this time however, it is important to care for the skin by keeping it clean with cleansers that are not overly harsh. Although many teens tend to eat a steady diet of fast foods, chips, candy, and soda, during this time it is important to keep to a more nutritious diet that is high in fiber.

Eating a nutritious and fiber rich diet has been shown to help avoid skin disorders. A nutritionally sound diet that includes high amounts of fiber helps to eliminate toxins from the body that can cause damage. A diet high in fiber will also help manage weight. The obstacles that influence many adolescent eating habits are vending machines that sell high fat snacks with no nutritional value, and fast food restaurants. Attempting to promote a nutritional diet for teens is compromised by those tasty treats that tend to make up the majority of their diet.

When not treated correctly, severe and painful acne can cause scarring that is permanent. It is very important for the individual to seek the help of a dermatologist for sever skin disorders. A dermatologist is able to assist in identifying causes of skin disorders and is able to prescribe medicines that can help promote healing. It is not a good idea to treat severe skin problems on your own. Without the help of a doctor you may do more harm than good.

Holistically treating acne addresses the cause of the problem while other treatments only topically treat blemishes. Checking with the local pharmacy can help to find the right herbal remedy for the successful treatment of skin disorders.

It is always a good idea to be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any remedy. Your doctor can help with other treatment suggestions that may work well with a holistic plan for skin problems and weight issues.

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