Get A Quick, Close Shave After Waking Up With The Philips Senso Touch Shaver

Most men rush the chore of shaving their facial hair that oftentimes, the resulting shave is either unsightly or unclean with a few missed spots here and there. As such, one of the many nuisances in men’s grooming is getting a quick yet clean shave. Nevertheless, the introduction of electric razors such as the Phillips Senso Touch Electric Shaver alleviated this burden that men nowadays experience little or no problem at all regarding getting a quick close shave.

Men who get ingrown hairs and electric bumps often prefer using electric shavers such as the Phillips Senso Touch Electric Shaver. These types of shavers are also being used by women especially those who are of afraid of the pain that often results from other hair removal treatments such as waxing. Electric shavers are also favorable than standard ones as they are more portable and convenient to use. Many a number of these shavers that are available in the market are integrated with improved technology that one can even find a shaver that can provide a shave usually delivered only through the use of a standard razor and cream.

Men with limited time especially in the morning before going to work would find a Phillips Senso Touch Electric Shaver or other electric shavers a convenient tool in getting a quick, close shave. With the use of electric shavers, a considerable amount of time is being saved as men no longer need to take time lathering up and applying shave gel-which usually are the tasks done before using non-electric shavers. Electric shavers are also more portable as they do not require the use of water or shave gel and are safer to use as they minimize, if not totally avoid, cuts and scraping irritation.

There are two main types of electric shavers, the rotary and foil type. The rotary shavers have three or four floating heads designed to glide over facial contours, with cutters that spin behind a fine grid. Compared to foil types, rotary shavers are quicker and easier to clean. Rotary shavers can also cut long hairs, and they’re easier to maneuver around difficult areas like the chin and neck. For this, the hair will poke throughout the spaces in between the screens and will then be shaved off as the blade spins. One of the most popular examples of this type of electric shaver is the Philips Senso Touch Electric Shaver. On the other hand, there are also the foil shavers which have blades that are hidden behind thin, perforated steel foils and oscillate from side to side. The metal blade is created from surgical or stainless steel and the hair will stick through the openings in the foil and will be shaved off as the blade rotates backwards and forwards at a high speed. As some reviews claim, in the race for the closest shave, the men’s foil shavers, on average, beat the men’s rotaries by a whisker.

Using electric shavers such as the Phillips Senso Touch Electric Shaver require a few tricks to achieve a quick, clean shave. First, it is a must that the shaver’s screen is kept smooth while the blades, sharp. This can be accomplished by regularly replacing these component parts. Softening the beard before shaving, which can be realized by washing the face, is another trick to achieve a good-looking shave. Next, it is also important to find the direction of the whiskers or facial hair that is “with the grain” so as to easily and immediately complete the task of shaving. Lastly, keeping the razor clean and the pieces of the cutter and screen lubricated will greatly help in avoiding hygiene-related problems as well as in getting a nice looking shave.

Nevertheless, the final decision as to which type of electric shaver to use-whether it be a Phillips Senso Touch Electric Shaver or not-will always come from the individual who will be using the electric shaver. Thus, always choose wisely.

Jordan Letterman is an office worker from Los Angeles. Looking sleek and clean all the time is a requirement in Jordan’s line of work and thus, he always uses his Philips Rasoir electrique SensoTouch to to remove unwanted facial hairs.

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